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The Burton Street Synagogue, London (3)
Consecration of a Synagogue at Mobile, Ala. (11)
Dias' Letters
    Letter 13 (1)
  Letter 14 (2)
  Letter 15 (3)
  Letter 16 (4)
A Drop, by --------------. (6)
Early Morning Meditations, by -----------. (9)
  Consecration of a synagogue at Baltimore (8)
  Formation of the American Jewish Publication Society (9)
  Israel's Adherence to the Law (11)
  Jewish Emancipation (3)
  The Jewish Ministry (12)
  Public Education (7)
  The Reform Agitation (10)
  A Retrospect and an Expectation (1)
  Truth and Peace (10)
  Union for the Sake of Judaism (4)
      Plan of Union (5)
  What do we Need? (2)
Elections (9)
  "Mercy and Truth" of Philadelphia
  Ladies' Hebrew Sewing Society
  Hebrew Congregation of Baltimore
  Hebrew Congregation "Shanarai Chassed" of New Orleans
  Congregation Beneh Israel of Cincinnati
  Hebrew Benevolent Society of Cincinnati
  Hebrew Ladies' Benevolent society of Cincinnati
Elm Street Synagogue, New York (5)
  Editorial Remarks
  Letter of Several Members
  Letter of Rev. S. M. Isaacs (6)
  Editorial Remarks (8)
  Second Annual of the Talmud Torah School of New York, by J. K. G. (1)
    Address of J. B. Phillips, Esq.
  Examination of the Pupils of the Society for the Instruction of Jewish Doctrine, Charleston, S. C., by Lamed. (3)
  Examination of the Pupils of Beth Limud at Kingston, Jamaica (3)
Fourth Anniversary of the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Cincinnati (11)
Hebrew Collegiate School (3)
Hebrew Society for the Instruction of Jewish Youth in Charleston, by M. M. S. (2)
The Hope of Israel, by A Daughter of Israel (5)
  Letter to the Editor of the Occident (5)
  Letter to the Editress of the Christian Ladies' Magazine (5)
  Letter to the Editress of the Christian Ladies' Magazine (6)
Installation of Dr. Lilienthal (11)
Jedediah (1)
The Jewish Chronicle and the Occident (1)
The Jewish Publication Auxiliary Society of Richmond (1)
  Editorial Remarks
The Jews in England, by S. S. (7)
Jewish Calendar for 5606 (6)
Literary Notices
  Kos Jeshuoth (8)
  Sabbath Leaves (3)
  Teachers' and Parents' Assistant (3)
  The Women of Israel (3)
Manifesto of German Rabbis (3)
  Carvalho-Solis (9)
  PapĂ©-Traubel (10)
Menasseh ben Israel's Apology for the Jews (2)
Mordecai: a Tale, by Miss Celia Moss (6)
News Items
  Dr. Adler (7)
  Allotment of Russian Crown Lands for the Use of the Jews (9)
  American Jewish Publication Society (7) (11) (12)
  Augusta, Georgia (11)
  Baltimore (7) (10)
  Bavarian Intolerance and Oppression (5)
  Berlin (1)
  Brunswick (1)
  Burton Street Synagogue, London (7)
  Cape of Good Hope (5)
  Charleston (4)
  The Chief Rabbi of England (6)
  Cleveland, Ohio (8)
  Coblenz (4)
  Constantinople (9) (12)
  Copenhagen (9)
  Education (4)
  England, Jewish Emancipation (2)
  Falmouth, Jamaica (3)
  False Charges Against the Jews for Kidnapping (9)
  The Fine Arts (5)
  France (8)
  Dr. Z. Frankel (9)
  Frankfort-on-the-Maine (4)
  Frankfort-on-the-Oder (9)
  Franklin Street Synagogue, New York (5)
  Good News for Judaism (4)
  Grisons, Switzerland (2)
  The Hanover Congregation (7)
  Hanover Congregation (9)
  Hebrew Books Printed in Poland (9)
  Hebrew Library (5)
  Henry Street Congregation, New York (5)
  The Late Rev. Rabbi Hirschell's Valuable Library (9)
  Installation of Dr. Adler (5)
  The Rev. Mr. Isaacs, of New York (10)
  Rev. Mr. Isaacs (11)
  The Rev. Solomon Jacobs (1) (3)
  P. S. Jacobs (3)
  Jerusalem (3)
  Jewish Charity, Gibraltar (4)
  Jewish Disabilities Bill (3) (6)
  The Jewish Miscellany (4) (6)
  Jewish Population of the Rhenish Prussian Provinces and Westphalia (4)
  The Jews of Corfu (8)
  The Jews in India (8)
  Jews of Morocco (3)
  The Jews in Silesia (4)
  Jews of Wurtemberg (6)
  Justice to Jewish Converts (12)
  Kingston, Jamaica (1) (10)
  Launceston, Van Diemen's Land (1)
  London (8)
  London (12)
  Dr. Lilienthal (9) (10) (11)
  Malta (4)
  Mobile (3)
  Mogador (1)
  Montego Bay (1) (3) (7)
  Moravia (1)
  New Congregations (5)
  New Orleans (8) (12)
  New York (4) (12)
  Norway (8) (9)
  Outrages Against the Jews in Bavaria (9)
  Philadelphia (8) (11) (12)
  Political State of the Jews (3)
  Richmond, Va. (8)
  Russia (1)
  Russia and Poland (4)
  The Russian Jews (4)
  The Russo-Polish Jews (4)
  Savannah (7)
  Schwerin (9)
  The Second Rabbinical Meeting at Frankford (6)
  The Seventh Annual Examination of the Hebrew Sunday School of Philadelphia (2)
  St. Louis (10)
  St. Thomas (1) (3) (7) (10)
  Strange Contest (12)
  To Our Readers (6)
  Treves (4)
  Dr. G. Weil (9)
New Synagogue in New York (4)
The New York Jewish Chronicle and its Agents (7)
New York German Hebrew Benevolent Society (10)
New York Hebrew Benevolent Society (9)
Obituary Notices
  Dr. Jacob De La Motta (1)
  Mrs. Rinah J. Moses, by Miss P. M. (4)
  Mrs. Sarah Moses (9)
To Our Readers (9)
Ourself (7)
Opinion of the Court in the Case of the Elm Street Synagogue of New York (7)
Opinion of the Court in the Case of the Elm Street Synagogue of New York (8)
Opinion of the Court in the Case of Beth Elohim Synagogue, Charleston, S. C. (12)
    Autumn Winds (10)
  The Dance of Death, by Mrs. R. Hyneman (12)
  Dialogue Stanzas, by G. A. (5)
  Heaven, by Rosa Emma Salamon (7)
  God Our Light, by Miss R. E. S. (8)
  The Hour of Death, by Mrs. R. H. (6)
  Importance of Religion to Genius, by G. A. (11)
  An Infant's Smile, by G. A. (9)
  Jerusalem, by Mrs. R. H. (10)
  Jewish Lyrics, by Mrs. Hartog, late Miss Marion Moss
    Sabbath Eve (6)
  Lines, &c. by R. E. S. (10)
  Memory and Hope, by G. A. (9)
  Night, by R. E. S. (11)
  Sabbath Thoughts, by G. A. (8)
  Stanzas, by P. C. L. (1)
  There are Many Joys, by R. E. S. (3)
  The Wanderers, by G. A. (7)
  The Widow, by G. A. (12)
  A Wish, by R. E. S. (9)
Progress of Liberality (3)
Public Meeting in Behalf of the Jews at Baltimore (2)
  Note by the Editor
Questions Put by a Clergyman of Ruan, and Answered by H. Saul Levy Morteira (3)
The Reform We Need, by S. Solis (10)
Report of the Directresses of the Ladies' Hebrew Sewing Society of Philadelphia (9)
Report of the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society of Philadelphia (9)
The Restoration of the Jews, by M. M. Noah (1)
  Editor's Remarks
Russia and the Jews (12)
The Russo-Polish Jews (1)
The Sabbath, by S. Solis (4)
The Second Meeting of German [Reform] Rabbis (8)
  The Destiny of Israel, by Dr. Lilienthal (11)
  The Object of the Festivals, by Jacob J. M. Falkenau (5)
  The Unity of God, by Rev. Dr. Morris J. Raphall (4)
  The Vocation of the Minister (12)
  On Atonement and Acceptance (7)
  The Dangers and Defences of Judaism (1)
  The Fasts (6)
  God our Benefactor (10)
  Israel in Covenant with God (8)
  Israel's Faith and Deeds (9)
  On Miracles (2)
  On Miracles (3)
Sermon of Dr. Lilienthal, by J. K. G. (10)
Shangare Limmud School of Barbadoes (5)
Short Sermons, by a Moralizing Layman (10)
Sunday Legislation (11)
The Synagogue As It Was, As It Is, and As It Should Be, by Rev. S. M. Isaacs (2)
The Trial and Condemnation of Jesus, translated by Henry Goldsmith (11)
Truth and Peace (10)
Ukase Respecting the Education of Jews in Russia (4)
A View of a Remnant of Israel (12)
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