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Rev. Dr. Lilienthal.—From two reports in our present number, our readers will perceive that this learned divine has not been idle since his arrival in New York, and that his eminent talents have already been called into requisition more than once to speak in behalf of the interests of Judaism. We should be pleased to be able to announce that he had taken up his abode permanently in New York, where there would be opened to him a wide field for usefulness among the large number of Israelites who reside there. Since our last, we have received the October number of Les Archives Israelites, in which it is said, in substance, that the Doctor, after having been for some years entrusted with the promotion of Jewish schools by the Russian government, and occupied an important place in the Office of the Minister of Public Instruction, had resigned his office, and quitted Russia, in consequence of having been undeceived respecting the intentions of the Emperor, through his famous Ukase against the frontier Jews; the editor further states, that Dr. L. had passed through Paris on his way to Havre, to embark for America. We trust, then, that his labours, which were interrupted by the mischievous designs of Nicholas, may be resumed here with many beneficial effects upon the moral condition of our American Israelites, and he may calculate on our hearty co-operation in all useful and practical schemes, both for the last mentioned, and our suffering brethren abroad.

Rev. Mr. Isaacs, of New York, has been invited by the Mayor of New Haven and several Professors of Yale College, to deliver a lecture before them, in the month of January, “On the Present Condition and the Future Spiritual and Temporal Hopes of the Jews.” The reverend gentleman has responded to this call, and we doubt not will give a worthy account of what we are now and hope to be in all ages to come. It must not be forgotten that, till very lately, there were no Jews in Connecticut.

St. Louis.—The congregation ín this place is progressing prosperously, as our correspondent informs us, and the hope is indulged of being able to engage soon a competent minister. The officers elected for this year are, Joseph Newmark, President; Joseph Kohn, Treasurer; David Levison, Henry Harris, and Solomon J. Levi, Trustees; the latter gentleman is also Acting Secretary.

Baltimore.—We rejoice to be able to announce to the readers of our magazine, that that consistent Israelite and worthy man, Jacob I. Cohen, of Baltimore, was, on the 29th of November, elected President of the first branch of the City Councils; not that this station confers any unexpected honour on our friend, but that it proves, that a religious life as a professing Jew is no bar with enlightened Christians to appreciate merit and talent in an Israelite, and this, too, in a state where the removal of civil disabilities for opinions’ sake is but of recent origin. The Baltimore Patriot, one of the leading papers, speaks as follows:

“ It will be seen, by the proceedings in another column, that the City Council of Baltimore met yesterday afternoon and organized. In the first branch Jacob I. Cohen, Esq., of the 11th ward, was unanimously elected President, and in the second branch Robert Howard, Esq., of the 7th and 8th wards, was also unanimously chosen President.

“The President of the first branch, independently of his responsible duties as presiding officer, becomes, by virtue of his office, the Mayor of the city, in the event of the absence, resignation, or inability of the Mayor to act. It is, therefore, obviously important that great attention should be paid to the selection of the presiding officer of the first branch, who, in the contingencies mentioned, becomes Mayor of the city, which now numbers upwards of a hundred and twenty thousand inhabitants; and it will no doubt be gratifying for our citizens to know that they have one filling the post, so eminently worthy of it, by previous long experience in the Councils, and by his general knowledge of the affairs of the city.”

St. Thomas.—We learn from one of our correspondents that the Hebrew School in this place is prospering, and that Mr. Nathan does much for the progress of the congregation. Mr. Morris B. Simmond was complimented on the 23d of Elul last, by the parents of the pupils whom he had gratuitously instructed in the Hebrew, with a letter of thanks, accompanied by a handsome silver tankard, with suitable inscriptions. The officers elect for the year are, Daniel Pretto, M. D., President; I. H. Osorio, Vice President; S. B. Nones, Treasurer; J. L. Maduro, Jacob Fidanque, P. Isaacson, and M. F. Sourdis, Wardens.

Kingston, Jamaica.—On the 9th of October there was witnessed at the Sephardim Synagogue of this town the presentation of a Sepher, (the copy of the laws,) with appropriate ceremonies and chaunts. The service was conducted by the Rev. Isaac Lopes, minister of the congregation. The book was a gift of our friend Moses Mendes Sollas, of Buff Bay, St. George’s, who had imported it expressly for the purpose of presenting it to the Synagogue, in memory of his late father, who had officiated as Tokeang, (the one who blows the cornet on New Year’s day, Kippur, and Hoshaanah Rabbah.) The following has been sent us for publication in connexion with the subject.

K. K. Shahar Ashamaim, Kingston, Oct. 8, 1845.

Moses M. Sollas, Esq.

Sir:—With much pleasure I fulfil the instructions of the Board of Adjuntos, of this Institution, in acknowledging the receipt of your letter, announcing your much-valued gilt, and in forwarding to you the accompanying resolutions, which evince the high esteem the Board entertains for your worth and services.

I am respectfully, sir,
Your obedient servant,
Andrew Judah,
Secretary, K. K. S. A.

K. K. Shahar Ashamaim, Kingston, 8th October, 1845.

At a meeting of the Mahamad and Adjuntos of this Institution, held this day, it was

Resolved, unanimously, That this Board accepts with much pleasure the gift of Mr. M. M. Sollas, and requests that all the necessary arrangements may be completed by the Rev. Isaac Lopes, and the Mahamad, for receiving the Sepher tomorrow afternoon at five o’clock.

That the Board, fully impressed with the value of the services and attention of Mr. M. M. Sollas, the Tokeang of this Kaal hereby enacts, that henceforward he shall he complimented with the taking out of the Sixth Sepher on the evenings of each succeeding Yom Kippur, and which Sepher shall be the one he has presented.

That this Board further enacts, that. after the demise of Mr. M. M. Sollas, it shall be the custom on the evening of Kippur to present the said Sepher to the officiating Tokeang.*

That the Secretary be requested to forward a copy of these resolutions to Mr. Sollas.

A true copy.

* This was kindly granted at the special request of Mr. Sollas.

Andrew Judah, 
Secretary, K. K. S. A.


On Wednesday, the 3d of December, at the Synagogue Beth Israel, the Rev. Gabriel Papé, minister of the congregation, to Miss Minna Traubel.