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Volume VI Article Index
April 1848 - March 1849

The American Jewish Publication Society (8)
    Third Annual Report (11)
Bachelors' Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association, of New York
  November 1848
  March 1849
Blackwood's Magazine, by T. J. M. (5)
The Best Society Yet, by W. Cresson (12)
Calumnies and our Calumniators (7)
The Cause of Indifference, and its Cure, by S. Solis (7)
The Christian Sabbath, as Sanctioned by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
  A Legal and Political Day of Rest (5)
  Opinion read by Judge Bell (5)

  Opinion read by Judge Coulter (6)
  Complaints of the Seventh Day Baptists (8)
The Communication of "Truth", First Letter (1)
  Remarks by the Editor on the same (1)
  Letter of W. [Isaac M. Wise] (2)
  Letter of Mr. Emanuel Goldsmith (2)
  Remarks by the Editor (4)
  Truth's Second Letter (4)
Consecration of the Synagogue Beth Jacob, at Albany (3)
Dias' Letters on the New Testament
  Letter 20 (1)
  Letter 21 (5)
  Letter 22 (8)
  Letter 23 (10)
  On Association (7)
  A Call to Israel (9)
    Dr. Wise's Appeal
    Note by the Editor
  The Future (2)
  Introduction to Volume Six of The Occident (1)
  Political Inequality (5)
  The Prospect (8)
  The Results of Union (11)
  Synagogue Reforms
    June 1848
    July 1848
  The Union of Israelites (12)
Editorial Correspondence
  Unauthorized Reforms, by Rabbi Judah Middleman (3)
Education (1)
English News
  April 1848
  May 1848
An Examination of Bishop Pearson's Exposition of the Apostles' Creed, by Mr. J. R. Peynado (1)
Female Hebrew Benevolent Society of Philadelphia, Report (9)
  Treasurer's Report
Fifth-Sixth Anniversary of the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Charleston (1)
First Annual Meeting of the Montreal Hebrew Philanthropic Society (7)
The Friend of the Prefect, Translated by E. B. (9)
Grace Aguilar, by Mrs. A. M. Hall (4)
Hebrew Authors and their Opponents, by Rev. A. De. Sola (11)
Hebrew Benevolent Society of Cincinnati (1)
Hebrew Benevolent Society of New York (3)
Hebrew Sunday School at Columbia, S. C. (3)
An Inquiry into the First Settlement of Jews in England, by Rev. A. De Sola (4)
Jewish Calendar, for 5609 (6)
The Jews, by a Son of Abraham (7)
The Jews of Persia, Lecture by Rev. A. De Sola (10)
Judaism and Christianity, by I. V. (8)
Judge O'Neale
  Remarks of the Editor (6)
  Letter from Judge O'Neale (6)
  Remarks on the same by an American Jew (7)
Kaal Kadosh Nidhe Israel of Barbadoes
  September 1848
  November 1848
Lecture on the Jews of England, by Rev. A. De Sola, communicated by Dr. A. H. D. (3)
Letter to The Occident, by I. (3)
Literary Notices
  Hebrew and English Vocabulary (6)
  Jewish Miscellany, No. XI (6)
  A Retrospect of the Past (4)
News Items
    June 1848
    July 1848
    November 1848
    December 1848
    March 1849
  Augusta, Georgia (8)
    October 1848
    November 1848
    August 1848
    October 1848
  Boston (3)
  Brunswick (4)
  Buffalo (12)
  Charleston (8)
    October 1848
    November 1848
  Columbia, South Carolina (2)
  Congregation Beth Jacob, at Albany (2)
  Coro, Venezuela (3)
  Curacoa (3)
  Dresden, Eligibility of Jews as Members of Parliament (7)
    July 1848
    January 1849
    May 1848
    June 1848
    July 1848
    November 1848
    January 1849
  The Immanuel Congregation, of New York (4)
  Jerusalem (8)
  Louisville, Kentucky (11)
  Meeting at Philadelphia, in Behalf of Education (1)
  Montgomery, Alabama (10)
    September 1848
    December 1848
    March 1849
  New Congregations (8)
  New Orleans
    May 1848
    October 1848
    December 1848
    January 1849
  New Synagogue at Jerusalem (9)
  New York
    June 1848
    December 1848
    January 1849
    March 1849
  The New York Jewish Chronicle (2)
  New York, Consecration of the Synagogue Imanuel (2)
  New York, Congregation Synagogue Shearay Tefilla (2)
    April 1848
    June 1848
    July 1848
    August 1848
    September 1848
    October 1848
    November 1848
    December 1848
    January 1849
    February 1849
  Philadelphia, the Tenth Examination of the Hebrew Sunday School (2)
  Prague, Protection of Jews by Christian Labourers (7)
  Progress (4)
  Relief for the Jews in Persia (9)
  Relief for Palestine (5)
  Richmond, Virginia
    September 1848
    October 1848
  Rome, Excesses Committed against the Jews (5)
  St. Louis
    February 1849
    March 1849
  St. Thomas (7)
  Sunday Laws in Pennsylvania (1)
  Union of Israelites (6)
  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (7)
  Miss Sarah M. Cohen, November 19, 1848
  Mrs. Eliza De Costa, June 10, 1848
  Mrs. Maria Hackenburg, November 27, 1848
  Mr. Jacob Phillips, December 4, 1848
Our Defenders, vs. our Calumniators (10)
  Letter of Ludwig
  Letter of Philo-Israel, and Comment of the N. Y. Jew. Chronicle
New York Hebrew Benevolent Society (5)
The Past and the Present, by K. (5)
  An Address to the Soul, by Mrs. R. Hyneman (12)
  Angel's Heads, by Miss Rosa Emma Salaman (2)
  Angel's Vigil, by R. E. S. (3)
  A Description of my Dream, by R. E. S. (4)
  Humility, by Mrs. R. H. (2)
  Lines on “Lamartine’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land”, by Mrs. R. H. (10)
  The Pentecost, by Mrs. R. H. (4)
  Reflections on Butler's Analogy, by R. E. S. (8)
  Song of Judas Maccabeus, by Mrs. R. H. (7)
  Song of the Spirit, by R. E. S. (7)
  Stanzas, by Mrs. Caroline A. Carvalho (4)
The Proposed Assembly
  Editorial (10)
  Letter from Rev. S. M. Isaacs (10)
  Letter from Rev. J. K. Gutheim (10)
  Meeting of Congregation at Cincinnati (10)
  Letter from Rev. Jacob Rosenfeld (11)
  Letters of Mr. A. A. Lindo
    Letter 1 (11)
    Letter 2 (12)
  Letter from Mr. Samuel Bruel (12)
  Letter from Dr. Isaac Wise (12)
Progress of Persecution in Pennsylvania (9)
Readings for the Young, by S. Solis
  The Promised Land (11)
  The Behests of God (12)
Reflections on Deuteronomy 10:12, by W. (3)
A Reply to the Assertion of Judge O'Neale, of South Carolina, that Christianity is the only Standard of Good Morals, by an American Jew (4)
A Review of the Jerusalem Mission for 1846, by Warder Cresson (9)
Review, Progress of Jewish Emancipation in England, since 1829, from the London Jewish Chronicle (9)
  The Day of Atonement, by Rev. A. De Sola (7)
  The Past and Present, by Rev. J. K. Gutheim (11)
  The Revelation at Sinai, by Rev. A. De Sola (5)
  The Blessing of the Lord (4)
  The Example of Israel (10)
  The Healing of Naaman (2)
  An Echo of the Prophets (8)
  The Past and Future (6)
  The Path of Life (3)
  The Strength of our Religion (12)
  The Unfaithfulness of Israel, by Rev. A. De Sola (1)
  The Work of Regeneration (9)
Sunday Laws in South Carolina, by "An Hebrew" (1)
  Note by the Editor
The Synagogue Beth-El, in Jerusalem (10)
Tenth Annual Report of the Hebrew Sewing Society, of Philadelphia (9)
  Treasurer's Report
The Temple of Jerusalem (11)
  Letter of M. M. Noah, Esq.
  Letter of Mr. J. Nathan
Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania (8)
Thoughts on Deuteronomy 30:6, by Talmid (1)
The Tub, or the House Turned Upside Down, by W. Cresson (10)
Twenty-Seventh Anniversary of the Hebrew Benevolent Society of New York (10)
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