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Descriptive Geography and Brief Historical Sketch of Palestine

By Rabbi Joseph Schwarz, 1850

Jews and Muslims in Ottoman Palestine

Containing Traits of the Celebrated Djizer, Pacha of Akko, Anecdotes Concerning the Judgment of Several Kadis in Palestine, Acts of the Sheichs, Arab and Mahomedan Learning, Oriental Wit, etc.

The Prohibited Transit Toll
The Tender Feeling of a Tyrant
The Jewish Killer (Shochet) as Executioner
The Right Proof
The Soldier's Meal
The Wall of Paradise
The Jew Found in Al Charim
The Bargain Void in Law
The Poisoned Coffee
The Grave of Moses
How the Bedouins Cross Rivers Without Bridges
How a non-Mahomedan can Work in Al Charim
The Mode of Worship of the Ashkenazim Before They Were Permitted to Have a Synagogue
Perjury and Treason
The Faithful Testimony
Sequel to the False Accusation Against the Jews of Damascus, in 5600 (1840)
The Passover Sacrifice Among the Samaritans, the Ancient Cutheans of 2 Kings 17.
The Elementary Schools of the Mahomedans in Jerusalem
The Coffee-House, Kaffaneh, in Jerusalem
The Dervishes, Saints, Sheichs
How the Mahomedans Visit Al Charim
The Green Colour Among the Mahomedans