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New York, Tebeth 3rd, 5622
December 6th, 1861

Rev'd Dr. Arnold Fischell
Rev'd & Dear Sir,

It affords me much pleasure to inform you that at a meeting of the Executive Committee of this Board held last evening, you were duly appointed to supervise, under the direction of the Committee, the general spiritual welfare of the Israelites in the camps and military hospitals attached to the Department of the Potomac.

I am directed to acquaint you with the desire of the Committee that you proceed to Washington at as early a day as you can make it convenient in order to enter upon the discharge of the duties devolving on you, in pursuance of this appointment.

You will likewise be expected to communicate to the President from time to time, the progress of your labors, which, I have no doubt, will result in the accomplishment of much good to our coreligionists to whom it will be your province to administer advice and consolation and the progress of your labors from time to time to the President who will furnish you before prior to your departure, with more specific details of matter connected with your duties appointment.

Trusting that the benevolent & humane mission thus entrusted to you may meet with the success under the Divine blessing result in the accomplishment of much good material benefit for our coreligionists over whose special spiritual welfare you will be enabled to exercise a supervisory care & with assurances of profound respect I am Rev & dear sir

Yours Faithfully,
Myer S. Isaacs

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