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Washington March 10, 1862 

My dear Sir,

 If you had not yet sent off by post the certificate I wrote you about yesterday, then please send it to Hon. L.A. Conkling with the request of the Board that he present it to the President. I have been too busy to inquire what has been done in Congress in my absence. If you have already sent it to me, you can get up another one or write to the Postmaster to have yr letter returned. As the rebels have evacuated Manassas, it will be impossible for me to say where to send yr letters. Therefore, don't send me any letters or newspapers until I write you. I am off, where to I don't know, but I am with the left wing. Altho' the army left this morning, yet as they march slowly, I shall be able to overtake them on horseback with greatest ease. They have bridges to build & roads to cut, & as there will be no fight this week, I don't lose anything. I will send Mr. Hart a brief report from Richmond which will look more [illegible] with his reports [illegible] & Mr. Hart.

Yr. Obt.

A. Fischel

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