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Isaac Hart, Esq.—We are performing a grateful task in laying the subjoined before our readers. No one more than our friend deserves the approbation of his constituents; and we are pleased that they have not alone expressed it in words, but are, as we learn, on the point of testifying it in a more substantial manner. We wish him many years to enjoy the love of his fellow-Israelites.—Ed. Oc.

To the Editor of The Occident.

New Orleans, July 13th, 1851.

At a meeting of the congregation Shangarai Chassed of New Orleans, held on the 29th of June, previous to entering into the regular business of the meeting, Mr. M. S. Sion offered the following resolutions, which were unanimously passed.

Resolved, That we cannot sufficiently manifest to Isaac Hart, Esq., our sentiments of gratitude for the important and successful services which he has rendered to this congregation.

Resolved, That the happy and beneficial results effected under his presidency will indissolubly link his name with this congregation.

Resolved, That in referring to the new Synagogue, the Hebrew School, and to the elevated state of our affairs, we consider them all as achievements in which our retiring President took a foremost and leading part, and to the accomplishment of which his hand aid heart were wholly devoted,—facts will for ever secure to him the attachment of our congregation and the respect of every Israelite.

John Marks,
President Hebrew Congregation Shangarai Chassed of New Orleans.

The Hebrew Literary Association of Philadelphia—We close this month our lecture delivered before this useful society last May. This institution has now been organized little better than one year, and now numbers over twenty-five members, with sufficient funds, and a good, though as-yet small collection of books. Its object is mental improvement; by lectures and debates, and to encourage the perusal of useful books. It deserves the support of all Israelites, aid we hope that many will add their names to the lists as donors and subscribers, when called upon by a suitable committee, as we suppose they will be before long. We shall be pleased to receive donations in money and books for our young friends, from those favourable to the cause who live beyond the limits of this city.

Cincinnati.—We learn that Rev. H. A. Henry has resigned the charge of the Synagogue Benai Jeshurun. It will be seen that he has made his appearance in another city of the West,—a proceeding which we greatly regret, as we must utterly condemn the efforts so frequently made, and often successfully, to render the tenure of office among our ministers so very precarious. Our views are sufficiently well known to preclude the necessity of our saying more at present.

Augusta, Georgia.—We are requested to announce the election of the Rev. Mr. Marcussohn as Hazan at Augusta; and we also learn that a better spirit and a greater conformity to religion have already manifested themselves there. We trust that this happy state of things may extend yet farther, and be of long continuance.

Savannah, Ga.—At the annual election of the Mikva Israel Congregation of this city, held on the 20th of Ab (18th of August,) the following officers were elected:—Jacob De La Motta, Parnass; Isaac Cohen, Solomon Cohen, A. A. Solomons, M. S. Cohen, L. Solomons and Abraham Einstein, Adjuntas; of whom Solomon Cohen was elected Gabay, and A. A. Solomons, Secretary.