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At Philadelphia, September 3d, by Isaac Leeser, Mr. Abraham Kahn, of Somerville, Tennessee, to Miss Rebecca Ezekiel of Philadelphia.

In the city of Louisville, Kentucky, on Wednesday, the 24th of September, by the Rev. B. H. Gotthelf, minister of the K. K. Adas Israel, Abraham, second son of Judah Hassan, deceased, to Esther, only daughter of A. I. H. Bernal.

Previous to the usual ceremony, the reverend gentleman delivered the following brief discourse, composed by himself, in the English language.—a short but convincing proof that, if agreeable to his congregation. he might soon qualify himself to lecture in the language of the country, and thus render his talents more useful to his co-religionists. Mr. G. is a man of a prepossessing appearance; his delivery is graceful; his intonation powerful; and, during the few moments occuipied in its delivery, he riveted the attention of his auditors; and it is by unanimous request that these few lines are forwarded for insertion (if agreeable) in your valuable periodical.

“My young Friends:—“Ere I  proceed to invoke the blessing of the Lord upon your union, permit me to tender a few words of advice on the new path of life you <<431>> are about to enter, and to remind you that you are merging yourselves into a covenant which can be severed by death alone.    

“The plays of childhood are no more—the dreams and imaginations of youth are over—other relations and other duties, more  important  and more real, must fill your hearts from this moment; but these duties are easy, very easy, if love and a true heart assist you to exercise them. From this hour you must walk the road of this earthly life together, joy and happiness, tears and sorrows, must be equally shared between you. Do not imagine that your days will pass in smiling sunshine only; if so, the common lot of mankind would not be yours; it will happen, too, that clouds are gathering within the horizon of your daily walk; and then is it principally that you both can show, prove, and earn the blessings a tender union. Let me, therefore, admonish you to love, honour, and cherish each other—and be your portion joy or sorrow, do not forget that Merciful Being above—do not forget the God of Israel, who has led you safe to this happy hour, and granted you the great and very rare blessing that your earthly parents are spared to be present this day, and to take part in the joy of their   children. And the Lord God, your Heavenly Father, will not forget you,—and in his great goodness will grant, that in the winter of your life, even then, when the snow of age blanches your hair, you will recall and remember this hour as the fountain of your earthly blessings, as the happiest hour of your lives. Amen.”

After the ceremony, he bestowed the priestly benediction.