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Rev. Dr. Lilienthal’s School.


Mr. Editor,—

The semi-annual examination of Dr. Lilienthal’s Boarding School took place on Sunday, the 13th of April, at his residence in New York, and we learn with much pleasure that it passed off to the great satisfaction of the parents of the scholars and all others who were present. The children had all a healthy and cheerful appearance, and thus proved that the discipline pursued is conducive both to the development of their physical and mental improvement.

The exercises were commenced with the overture from Fra Diavola on the violin by one of the scholars, and after a prologue, spoken by another pupil, Dr. L. began the examination, which took place in the following order:—Religion and Hebrew; Arithmetic; Book-keeping; Mechanical Problems; Piano; English Recitation, German ditto; History of the United States; Geography; Piano; English Recitation, French ditto; German Language; Commercial Letters in German, French, and English; Violin; French; French Recitation, German ditto: Violin; English Grammar, Parsing, and Writing; Farewell Address by Eli M. Arnold of Philadelphia, after which Premiums were distributed to all the pupils. Specimens of Drawing and Penmanship of all the scholars were exhibited in an ante-room.

It would occupy too much of your space, were we to name every one of the scholars who deserved especial notice; suffice it however to say, that they must have used their best exertions to excel; and that they reflected much credit on themselves and their teachers.

After the conclusion of the Farewell Address by Master Arnold, the Reverend Doctor presented every scholar with a premium according to his merits, addressing each one some words of praise, encouragement, and admonition in a manner which showed that in this institution the teachers make it their duty to study the aptness and disposition of their pupils, by which means alone instruction can be successfully imparted.

In conclusion Dr. L. offered his thanks to Almighty God for the blessing of health, which had been vouchsafed to all the children under his charge. He next presented Master Arnold with the first gold medal awarded in the school. In thanking his audience for their kind atten<<105>>tion he remarked that after Passover he would procure in addition to his present teachers one for the Spanish language, and another to give instruction in gymnastic exercises, for which there will be arranged a hall in the new building he is now erecting, 25 by 46 feet, and 16 feet high. The new house in Eleventh Street is under roof, and is nearly finished; and the school will then be able to accommodate nearly a hundred boys, though the number to be received is never to exceed seventy, in order to afford full opportunity to attend to the moral and physical training of the scholars by the Principal himself.

The teachers now engaged are Dr. Mayer, German and Arithmetic; Mr. R. Long, English, Geography, History, and Mechanics; Mr. Mouhot, French; Mr. S. Shuster, Drawing, &c.; Mr. Gaffre, Violin; Mr. Wolfsheimer and Mr. Saar, Piano; Hebrew and Religion, by the Principal.

We congratulate our friend Dr. L. on his success as pioneer in esta­blishing a Hebrew Boarding School in this country, and hope that he may not alone diffuse all possible good through means of education all over the country, but also realize all the bright anticipations for him­self as the reward of his arduous labours.