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Of the Pupils of the Hebrew School of the Congregation Rodef Sholem of Philadelphia

Mr. Editor:—I feel myself induced to report to you the interesting proceedings of a Confirmation held in the Julianna Street Synagogue of this city. I might say, few religious occurrences have taken place in this city that have elicited greater encomiums than the confirmation of the pupils of the above-mentioned Hebrew school, which took place yesterday, the second day of Shabuoth. After the morning prayer (Shacharith), and before the reading of the law (Keriath Hattorah), the pupils (six girls and two boys) entered the House of God. At the same time a beautiful hymn was chaunted by the choir of the Synagogue. The pupils placed themselves in front of their esteemed teacher, Mr. Bachman, who stood before the ark, which was very handsomely ornamented with wreaths of roses and other flowers and above the confirmants hung a splendidly brilliant chandelier, especially lighted for the occasion.

The view was delightful. The greatest solemnity and silence pre­vailed when Mr. Bachman offered a prayer adapted to the occasion, and then delivered an able and effective address, after which he proceeded to examine the pupils, and upon every question there followed a ready answer. The pupils next made their confession of faith, and, taking hold of their teacher’s hand, promised to follow the doctrines of our holy religion, as worthy descendants of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The pupils then offered a prayer to the Lord for his support in the task to which they had devoted themselves. They thanked their heavenly Father for the grace and mercy with which they had been favoured up to the present time, and besought Him for His future favours. The two boys, one of whom was fatherless and the other motherless, referred in their prayer to their loss in such an affecting manner, that tears flowed in abundance from most of the audience. After this followed another hymn by the choir. Mr. Bachman then addressed the pupils, and told them that, as they had publicly proclaimed their love for their religion, he exhorted them that, as they had now entered the days of responsibility, they should not neglect their religious duty, and he entreated them always to be armed against temptations, and not to sell their precious eternal happiness for earthly possessions. Thereupon Psalm cxi. was chaunted <<225>> by the choir, and, finally, the Rev. Mr. Frankel addressed the pupils. The whole proceeding gave great satisfaction, as it proved the ability of the teacher and the progress of the school, which was started but two years since. At the same time, I inform you of the flourishing state of this congregation under the guidance of their esteemed Presi­dent and Vice-President, Messrs. S. Adler and J. Mayer, who were lately serenaded for their devotion to the welfare of the congregation.

An Observer

Philadelphia, June 8th, 1851.