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News Items.


New York.—We learn from the Asmonean that the restoration of Dr. Lilienthal to the rabbinical chair of the three German Synagogues of New York, so long expected, has at length taken place, at least we understand the article in this light, although but the Norfolk Street congregation has officially announced it. The Reverend Doctor assumes office again merely to act without any salary, and we trust that he may have many opportunities to benefit, not only his own immediate flocks, but also the Israelites in general. We congratulate him on his reinstatement.

Albany.—After we had nearly all the articles for this month in the printer’s hands, we received from Dr. Wise a copy of the Albany Evening Journal of Oct. 4th, containing the proceedings at the consecration of his Synagogue, together with a prayer and sermon composed by him for the occasion. We have neither space nor time to copy these productions, or to comment on them; but, as may readily be supposed, they partake a good deal of Dr. W.’s peculiar views. One thing we may say for him: he, at all events, is consistent, and all know where to place him, which is more than can be said of some others. We regret to speak thus, but truth has a paramount claim which cannot be overlooked. It is announced in the Evening Journal that the Synagogue is in South Pearl Street, and was formerly a Baptist church. It was purchased by the Anshe Emeth congregation for 8100 dollars, certainly a great sum for them, considering that they are not rich people, and have only been organized one year, an example thus far worthy of imitation. It is said that the congregation numbers about eighty families, each family occupying a pew; and there are 186 Pews. Our readers will easily recognise in this another reform of the Doctor’s, one by no means to be commended.

Cincinnati, Ohio
.—We understand that the Rev. Jacob Rosenfeld has been elected Hazan of the Congregation B’nai Jeshurun of Cincin­nati, at a larger salary than ever before given. His sermons, both in English and German, are said to have given great satisfaction.

Louisville, Ky.—The Rev. B. H. Gotthelf was re-elected Hazan of the Congregation Adas Israel, at a general meeting held on the evening of the 15th of October, by a unanimous vote, as were also the former officers, including Mr. M. Strauss as President, and Mr. Charles Lichten as Vice-President, both of whom entertained all the members present after the adjournment of the meeting; on which occasion several appropriate addresses were delivered by Messrs. M. Strauss, E. Lieberman, Abrm. Gerstly, L. Lowensohn, S. Ullman, J. Jessel, L. Leberman, and others.—The Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society, No. 1, held their meeting on the 14th October, and re-elected all their former officers. Mrs. B. Marks is the President. Our correspondent says that the greatest unanimity prevails among the Israelites of Louisville, and that at the meeting everything passed off quietly and orderly; this is certainly a state of things which not alone deserves commendation, but should be imitated also everywhere else.       

Boston, Massachusetts.—We see by an advertisement in the Asmonean, that the Rev. Joseph Straose has been re-elected Hazan and Teacher of the Congregation Ohabé Shalom.

Mobile, Alabama.—Death of the Rev. A. Ansel. We have been requested to announce the decease, at Mobile, of this person, who acted as Hazan in several congregations. He was, at the time of his decease, which took place on September 7th, Hazan at Claiborne, Alabama. He left a daughter, who lives at Buffalo, New York. Particulars will be given on application to Mr. M. B. Emanuel, Mobile.

Europe.—We regret that the Occident from its character is not as good a newspaper as we could wish; still we endeavour to give all that is really worth knowing. The news from Europe has of late been very meagre regarding Israelites, and what reaches us is not of an agreeable cast. Reaction is busy to reintroduce the restrictions of the Middle Ages and the subjoined, the latest received, must serve as a specimen. The days of the Messiah have not yet dawned, notwithstanding our reformers’ assertion.

“Accounts from Rome state that the old regulations against the Israelites in the Papal States had been revived. They cannot travel without a permission from the Inquisition, nor stop in any town without a fresh permission.”