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Ladies’ Sewing Society of New York

Mr. Leeser,—

Dear Sir,—At a late meeting of the Managers of the Ladies’ Sewing Association, of the congregation Shearith Israel, it was unanimously

Resolved, That the Report of the Annual Meeting of this Society, held at the Crosby Street Synagogue, N. Y. on the 6th October, 1850, <<49>> should be forwarded to you, trusting to your usual kindness, to give it publicity, by inserting it in your valuable Magazine.

The great benefit done by this Society, cannot be better estimated than by showing its great increase of members, which now amount to the number of one hundred and two persons, being an augmentation of thirty-nine since the last account.

The following report, submitted by the President, Miss Sophia Tobias, was listened to with due attention.

“The President, in submitting her annual report, takes great pleasure in congratulating the members of the Society on the success which has crowned their efforts to ameliorate the condition of the suffering poor during the last year.

“This Society has been established but three years, and the result of the good accomplished is manifested in the spirit which animates the members, not only by their contributions, but in their personal attendance at all times.

“By reference to the report of the Treasurer, the amount of money received by him was $136.00, and paid in the purchase of materials $134.04, leaving a balance in his hands on the 1st Oct., $1.96. The amount received from members was $81, the balance in liberal dona­tions from the Education Society, Mr. S. Abrahams, Miss Palache, Mr. I. Moses, Jr., Mrs. Harman Hendricks, Mrs. Tobias, and from the scholars of the Misses Palache. The Society also received donations of clothing from Mrs. L. J. Cohen, Mrs. Henry Hendricks, Mrs. S. J. Tobias, Mrs. J. Henriques, Mrs. U. Hendricks, Mrs. Levy, Mrs. Harman Hendricks, Miss H. Isaacs, Mrs. B. Nathan, Mrs. Seligman, Mrs. Samuels, Mrs. M. M. Hendricks, Mrs. Dreyfous, Mrs. A. Wellington Hart, and Mr. Daniel Seixas.

“Nine hundred and seven garments have been distributed, showing large increase over the preceding year; 127 children and 55 adults have received the benefit of this Society.

“The President cannot too earnestly entreat the members to continue in the good work; the misery and distress which have been witnessed, and the numerous applications she is constantly receiving for assistance, call for greater exertions in the cause of humanity.

"Very respectfully,
(Signed)          “Sophie Tobias, President.”

The following officers were then elected for one year:—President, Miss Sophia Tobias; Treasurer, Mr. B. Nathan; Secretary, Miss Alice Morrison. <<50>>Managers, Mrs. S. J. Tobias, Mrs. Kursheedt, Mrs. Coleman, Miss Hendricks, Mrs. J. L. Seixas, Miss H. Isaacs, Miss J. Palache, Mrs. J. J. Lyon, and Miss Z. Hart.

Trusting that I have not trespassed too much on your attention,

permit me to subscribe myself,
Yours, with much respect,

Alice Morrison, Secretary.

New York, March 6th, 1851.