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The Bachelors’ Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association of New York

At a general meeting of the Bachelors’ Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association, held June 3d, 1850, at the Hotel de Paris, the following semi-annual report was made by the Treasurer, George J. Levy, Esq.

The undersigned most respectfully submits the following semi-annual account of the Bachelors’ Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association:


The Bachelors’ Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association in account with George J. Levy, Esq.

1850. CR.  
May 1, By cash paid for benevolence by President, $157.00
"       "    (President's order) for loans, 370.00
"       "               "                  general expenses, 94.00
"       "    Committee for Hague Street sufferers, 20.00
"       "    Sisters of Charity, Detroit 10.00

      "    Paid tenders of Sinking Fund,

  Balance on hand, 385.84
1849. DR.  
Oct. 20, To cash from H. Josephi, late Treasurer, $331.11
"       "       "    Subscriptions, 194.20
"       "       "    On account of Loan Bonds, 135.00
"       "       "    H. Friedenburg, Treasurer of the  
  Ball Committee at Niblo's       505.75
  By Balance, $385.84
  Assets of the Association.  
  By balance, $385.84
  Money due on loans, 892.00
      "     in Sinking Fund, 463.28
      "           "         " 128.62
Jan. 1st. By interest in Sinking Fund, 29.64
      "              Subscriptions due, 571.88
E. E. Geo. J. Levy, Treasurer  

In concluding the report, the respected Treasurer made some very feeling remarks on the healthy progress, means, and, resources of the Association, which were highly flattering, and, on motion, the report was unanimously accepted, and ordered to be entered in full on the minutes, and be published in the Asmonean of this city, and the Occident of Philadelphia. By order.

H. Morrison, President.
Chas. S. Lazarus, Secretary.