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Conversion Tactics

WE regret that we are compelled to warn our readers against the insidious attacks of the managers of the Conversion Society in New York. They obtained about two years ago, or perhaps more, a young German, whom they baptized, and had him, as a matter of course, trained for the missionary work of seduction and falsehood. This renegade lately arrived in Philadelphia, sent hither by his employers, and true to his calling, he has, as we learn, called upon several Jewish families, avowed himself an apostate, but professing to be anxious to render his former brethren all possible services, he offered to teach their children Hebrew and religion without any charge. Any one acquainted with the tactics of the London, Edinburgh, Berlin, and New York societies, must know that by this means it is endeavoured to obtain an influence on the minds of young Jews, and to corrupt their religious opinions by degrees, that they may be easily afterward seduced to join some church or the other.

It is horrible to think that religious bodies, so called, will resort to cunning, double dealing, and falsehood to carry their point ; but it must be evident to themselves, that a religion which requires such means to sap gradually the attachment of families—to bring, perhaps, the gray hairs of a loving father or mother with sorrow to the grave, cannot be a true religion. But we wish at present to do nothing more than call the attention of our readers to the fact of the presence of the seducer, and to request them to carry the information all around, so as to prevent this unworthy offshoot of our people to obtain ingress in a Jewish house, not to mention that no one should intrust him with the education of his children, as he values the peace of his mind.