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Annual Report of the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society of Philadelphia.


The period has again arrived when the Managers of the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society are required to convene, render to their patrons an account of their affairs, appoint officers for the ensuing year, collect funds to carry out their plans, and prepare for those active duties which the approaching season will require. From the continent of Europe many destitute immigrants are flocking to our shores, whom the horrors of war have driven from their home,—the poor who are around us, and have been cherished by your care,—the sick and the incapable still plead for your bounty,—and the reduced, taking the boon they would more willingly bestow,—offer strong inducements to persevere in the labour of love which annually brings us together. In the past year distribution has been made of all the available funds of the Society. The Board have been called on to help wayfarers on their journey, assist to bury the dead, maintain a little orphan, and other less impressive, but necessary charities, which would meet approval and sympathy from every person present, were their individual cases known.

The active, untiring benevolence of the visiting committees cannot be too highly appreciated. They enter the abodes of want and suffering, to relieve the one and soothe the other, adding from their own resources, to eke out the means furnished by your bounty.

The co-operation of the Fuel and Sewing Societies with these efforts relieves the more pressing wants of our poor, both resident and foreign; and in acknowledging the advantages derived from them, we cannot but rejoice that the spirit of Judaism is spreading its influence through various channels. One more object kept in view—but, alas! not yet approached—which may furnish a home and instruction to destitute Jewish children, is wanted to crown the good cause of charity. That this will be effected, no doubt can be entertained. The liberal spirit of some wealthy philanthropist will be directed by Heaven to this noble object; a foster home for Jewish children will be founded; wherein future artisans and mechanics will be reared to bless another generation. Be it our aim to prepare the way, and cherish bright hopes for the people whom God hath favoured.

The Treasurer’s report will furnish the monied condition of the Society. May those who have annually contributed feel it a privilege to remain steadfast in their purpose, and those who are willing and able to join so good a work come with freewill offerings in an acceptable time; and may the prayers of the poor, and those who were ready to perish, bring down blessings on their benefactors.


Anna Allen, Treasurer, in account with Female Hebrew Benevolent Society

November 7th, 1849.


By cash paid sundry warrants, Nos. 348 to 359, and Nos. 1 to 7,  
inclusive   $370.62
By balance in bank,

$23. 41

        "       in hands of Treasurer




To balance on hand at the last annual meeting, held November 2d, 1848


To cash received from members, and contributions since November 2d, 1848 222.00
To cash received, donations 14.00
        "       "         interest on loans,   102.33
        " not accounted for, either in subscription or interest,   4.94

Anna Allen, Treas’r.