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Report of the Directress of the Hebrew Ladies’ Sewing Society of Philadelphia.


Whilst miserable oppression and destitution abroad send to our favoured land the weary and heart-subdued, though not utterly prostrate immigrant, it cannot be doubted that every requirement of benevolence is called into active exertion; words of sympathy are on every lip at every fresh recital of tyranny and exaction; that sympathy is purely disinterested: that such too may be our fate, mingles with detestation of the deed and execration of the inflicters of them; and how can appreciation of our happier lot be so properly shown, as by ministering to the misery that comes to ask our aid? Of the five hundred and fifty-five garments distributed during the past year, so small a moiety was to residents of long standing, as to be matter of congratulation; and reference to the past shows so evident an improvement in the condition of former recipients, that we may indeed rejoice that “their lines have fallen in pleasant places,” and that the children whose tattered garments replaced by such as your bounty provided, the interest bestowed on their personal and moral habits, now arrived at years of maturity, wear the garb of honest independence.

Need ye other reward for the past, other incentive for the future, friends, and patrons of the Ladies’ Hebrew Sewing Society? We ask no reply, confidently relying that willing hands and feeling hearts <<471>>will ever remember, that from and in every land, Israelites are brethren, claiming and having claim to deeds of mercy and of love; for so hath God commanded.

Philadelphia, October 28th, 1849.

At the annual meeting of the Female Hebrew Sewing Society, held October 28th, 1849, the following ladies were elected officers for the current year.

Miss Bluma Hart, first Directress; Miss Sarah Abrahams, second Directress; Miss Annie Lyons, Treasurer; Miss Eveline Bomeisler, Secretary; Miss Rachel Pesoa, Miss Esther Stork, Miss Rebecca Eze­kiel, Miss Elizabeth Abrahams, Miss Rebecca Hackenburg, Managers.

Treasurer's Report.


October 29th, 1848. Amount received from late Treasurer, $44.25
    Invested in Pennsylvania Life Annuity Company's stock, 350.00
February 24th, 1849. Received from Ball Committee, 126.36
  Subscriptions and donations to this date, 101.25
  Interest on deposit in Pennsylvania Life Annuity Company's  
  stock, 21.00
October 18th, 1849. By cash paid in favour of the several  
  Committees, $185.35
  At interest in Pennsylvania Life Annuity Company's stock, 350.00
  By balance in Treasurer's hands, 107.51

Julia N. Carvalho, Treasurer

Ladies’ Sewing Association in New York, of the Congregation Shearith Israel.

The anniversary meeting of this Society was held on the 14th Oc­tober, at the Crosby Street Synagogue, N. Y. The President, Miss Sophia Tobias, presented a condensed statement of the affairs of the Society, showing the condition of the treasury at that time.

<<472>>The Society has distributed clothing (principally made by the ladies of the Society) to 46 families. Many members have made liberal con­tributions in clothing, which enabled the Managers to meet the pressing wants of the destitute with greater despatch than they could otherwise have done.

The number of garments distributed during the past year amounts to 878, showing the immense benefit the poor and destitute must derive from the efforts of this small but increasing association.

The number of members for the last year was sixty-three, and the funds of the Society are derived from the yearly subscription of one dollar, and donations; and the Society gratefully acknowledge the receipt of ten dollars, donation from Mrs. D. C. Levy, Philadelphia; ten dollars from Mr. Isaac B. Elkin, London; ten dollars from the Education Society of New York; five dollars from Mrs. J. Warner, Charleston, S. C. The funds have all been expended, and the treasurer is now in advance.

The report was listened to with attention, and the members expressed a determination to do more good the present year. The following officers were then elected for one year:—

Miss Sophia Tobias, President; Mr. Benjamin Nathan, Treasurer; Miss Emma Brandon, Secretary; Managers, Mrs. I. B. Kursheedt, Mrs. T. I. Tobias, Mrs. J. J. Lyons, Mrs. J. L. Seixas, Miss Hannah Isaacs, Miss J. Palache, Miss Z. Hart, Miss H. L. Hendricks. Miss H. Micholl.