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Montreal Sunday School.

(For the Occident.)

About the end of December last, our able Hazan, the Rev. Mr. De Sola called a meeting of the ladies of this congregation, for the purpose of establishing a Sunday School for the instruction of our young ones in religious education; and after the preliminary arrangements were completed, the school was opened, and Miss R. Joseph, Miss Sarah Solomons, and Miss David were chosen teachers. On the Sunday after Purim the parents and friends were invited to witness an examination of the pupils, more for the sake of seeing how the school was conducted than for any other purpose; but I can assure you, all were surprised at the improvement and intelligence displayed by the <<56>>little ones in so short a time; and there was but one opinion among all present how much was due to Mr. De Sola, and the three ladies above mentioned, for the zeal and ability they have displayed in thus conquering all opposition, and convincing every one how useful and important these schools become, when conducted on a proper footing. The higher class is under the immediate tuition of Mr. De Sola, and the manner in which they went through the examination in the Hebrew grammar must have afforded him, as it did all of us, very great gratification.

After the examination was over, the play of Mordecai and Esther was performed by the children, and it would be impossible to express the surprise at the admirable manner in which it was got up by Mr. De Sola and his young pupils; indeed, the whole would have done great credit to much larger congregations than ours, and the enthusiasm displayed on the occasion is another evidence how much Mr. De Sola carries with him the affections of his whole flock.

A. H. D.