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Ball for the Benefit of the Hebrew Benevolent Society


On the 18th of March last a very splendid ball was given at the hall of the St. Andrew’s Society, in Broad Street, for the benefit of the Society.

The Managers were: Mr. David Lopez, Mr. T.W. Mordecai, Mr. I.E. Hertz, Mr. I.E.P. Lazarus, Mr. N. Levin, Mr. Abraham Moise, Jr., Mr. I.P. Abrams.

The tickets were $5, the receipts $1250, and the expenses $400, leaving a net gain of $850. This being the first time that the Israelites of this city called for aid among the community, they cannot but thus openly express their acknowledgment for the liberal spirit evinced by all denominations, to aid in the cause of charity; and particularly to the St. Andrew’s Society, who declined any compensation for the use of their splendid hall. The ball was conducted on strictly temperance principles, and gave general satisfaction to the large and highly respectable assembly of the ladies and gentlemen of the different denominations present on the occasion.

The Hebrew Benevolent Society was first organized in 1791, but remodelled in 1830, when it was incorporated by the Legislature. Its object is to aid the poor and needy stranger, who may be compelled to seek an asylum in this free and happy country.

The officers of the Society are: Mr. S. Valentine, President; Mr. S. Moses, Vice-President; Mr. N. Levin, Secretary and Treasurer; Mr. M. Loovis, Mr. B. Levy, Mr. H.N. Hart, Trustees.

It numbers forty-eight resident and fifteen country members.