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Meeting at Barbadoes

Vestry Rooms, Sunday, 3d Elul, 5607; 15th August, 1847.

A meeting of the Contributing Members of the Kaal Kadoshe Nidhe Israel, was held in pursuance of By-Law 1st, and in conformity to summons, for the purpose of electing a Warden for the ensuing year. The poll-list was accordingly opened at 11 o’clock, and closed at 12, and E. A. Moses, Esq., was elected President for the ensuing year. At the close of the poll, M. Elkin, Esq., rose and said, it was gratifying to his feelings to notice the manner members had voted, not with common method merely to place their signatures, but that every gentleman on recording his name,  powerfully remarked the great benefit the congregation had derived from past services of their respected Warden; he (Mr E.) felt assured he was sanctioned to use the name of every member present—with that of his own, to have <<364>>embodied on the minutes of this day’s proceedings, “the great obligation the congregation owe to their tried advocate, Edward A. Moses, Esq., for the continued zeal he has ever evinced for the prosperity of the Kaal. That this feeling was not confined to themselves, was an additional pleasure to him; for he held in his hand a letter from an old, and he may say, staunch member, who was residing in St. Vincent, but desirous to record his name in favour of Mr. Moses; this letter was from our respected ex-Warden, D. M. Lobo, Esq. He asked, could there be a more marked testimonial? He (Mr. Elkin) regretted he could not use the letter as intended, to vote by proxy, but moved that it be placed on record.

Mr. M. C. D’Azevedo, felt pleasure to second the motion, and would add, that the remarks made by Mr. Elkin, were in accordance with his feelings.

By request of Mr. Elkin, Mr. S. E. Daniels, the honourary Secretary read the letter received from D. M. Lobo, Esq.

Mr. Valverde remarked, ill and debilitated as he felt, he came to the meeting to pay his tribute of approbation to his esteemed friend, Mr. Moses.

Mr. Daniels observed, it was most pleasing to his feelings, to hear and to witness the true and well merited eulogium paid his colleague; he used the word colleague, for our respected warden was ever ready in taking cheerfully his portion to perform the service in honour of the God of Israel.

The Warden said, in responding to the several remarks made by the gentlemen, he should say they overrated his humble services; yet it was pleasing to his mind that his past conduct had met their approbation; he was ever ready to devote himself to the welfare of the congregation, and the support of our holy religion, and that he felt conscious pride on seeing around him the tried, venerable, and trusty friends and guardians of the holy Synagogue. He must add, with one  exception, all the true friends of the Synagogue in the Island, were here to support him, which was a happy earnest of their approval of his administration; he therefore felt it his duty to obey that summons, and at whatever sacrifice, was prepared to resume the presidential chair for the ensuing year. Ere he resumed his seat, it was due to his colleague, Mr. S. E. Daniels, to state the Kaal owed to him acknowledgments for his valuable and zealous services, in which the members acquiesced.

Mr. Daniels briefly returned thanks for the kind manner his name was introduced by the Warden; and assured the members while in <<365>>health, his greatest delight would be to continue useful to the congregation.

Since the meeting, the Parnass has appointed Mr. M. C. D’Azevedo, Hatan Torah, and Mr. I. L. Brandon, Hatan Bereshith.