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American Citrons

Baltimore, 20th April, 5607.

My Dear Sir,

It is not long since, that several of my friends urged me to come out publicly, in your periodical, with my opinion about the אתרוגים, which are yearly brought from the West Indies to this country. I am so much disinclined to give publicity to any thing of a controversial nature in matters of our religion, that even now I should not trouble you, but that the time is approaching when our yearly communications are made to the West Indies for the supply of Citrons, and I think it therefore my duty, for the sake of our religion, to state that these אתרוגים are כשר, and there cannot be found any word against them in all פוסקים ראשונים ואחרונים. All rumors that were set afloat against the כשרות of these אתרוגים are founded in error and misinformation. Now, my dear sir, I wish only to promote the unity of Israel in matters of religious observances, and endeavour to effect that our brethren of Israel shall not be willfully deprived of the observance of מצות לולב without just cause.

I remain, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
A. Rice

To the Rev. I. Leeser.