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Benevolent Societies In New Orleans.


Sir:—Knowing the interest you take in the progress of the Hebrew Benevolent Association of the City of New Orleans, I have the honour to submit a short statement of the affairs thereof.

The association counts now about eighty active members, and some five or  six honorary members. The treasury is in a flourishing condition. The society has done a great deal towards relieving those who were in want and needy, and the members composing the association find themselves amply recompensed by the wishes for its success, expressed by a large portion of the people of this city.

The anniversary ball, which took place on the second of March current, was a brilliant affair, particularly gratifying, when it must be admitted that the managers were labouring under great disadvantages, and had to contend with many obstacles, disadvantageous inasmuch as collections were made throughout the city at the time, for the relief of the Irish nation, to which a considerable number of our brethren con­tributed, and obstacles on account of a ball which was given by another Hebrew Benevolent Association on the same evening. Nevertheless, the managers succeeded in selling some two hundred tickets, which, after deducting about five hundred dollars for expenses, left a net gain to the society of sic hundred dollars.

On the 14th of March current, an election took place for the officers to serve during the current year, and the following gentlemen were elected: Dr. D. S. Gans, President; Isaac Hart, Vice-President; L. Hess, Treasurer; S. Magner, Secretary. Managers—M. Kursheedt, E. Leon, A. M. Solomon, P. Runkel, and A. Mayer.

The members of the association have been kept together until now, by the love which they bear each to the other and their unfortunate brethren; but being convinced of the necessity of forming a corporate body, they have resolved to obtain a charter in conformity to the laws of the state, and that once obtained, they will be able to extend their operations, and fulfil to the fullest extent the object for which the society is formed.

I have also to inform you that another Hebrew Benevolent Society has been got up in this city, composed of ladies, who have taken the matter in hand, and there is hardly any doubt but that they will succeed in their noble undertaking.

Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
S. Magner, Secretary, H. B. Ass.

New Orleans, 25th March, 1847.