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Hebrew Sunday School, Columbia, S. C.


The fourth examination of the pupils of this institution took place on Sunday, the 7th of March, before a numerous and highly respectable assemblage, of all religious denominations. It was indeed a happy and joyous moment, one which will long be remembered with feelings of pleasure and pride. Innocence in any form or shape ever commands our admiration, but when we behold the first lispings of new-born innocence exerted in praise to the Giver of Light and Life, what a moral lesson does it convey to those of maturer years!

The same course of instruction is pursued here as in all other similar institutions throughout the Union, and we were forcibly struck with the precision in which the children answered the various questions; it proved to all conclusively that it was not the mere training of an hour, which is not infrequently the case, but that strict attention and perseverance alone were the only means employed to accomplish the proud and gratifying result; in fact, we imperceptibly lost sight of the child, and I am bestowing upon “Young Israel” no more than their full share of praise when I add that it would have done credit to older heads.

The recitations were selected with great care, chiefly Scriptural pieces, and, without multiplying words, were delivered in a clear, distinct manner, “suiting the action to the word, the word to the action.”

The school is at present under the control of Miss J. Mordecai, Directress, combined with the assistance of Mrs. J. C. Lyons. With these ladies at its head, we have no fears for the future. The following was the order of exercises of the day:

  1. Prayer by the Directress, Miss J. Mordecai.
  2. Hymn by the children, “We are but Young.”
  3. Examination of the classes.
  4. Recitation by the children
  5. Hymn by the children, “God Supreme.”
  6. Address read by Mr. J. Levin.
  7. Hymn by the children, “Ane ka-lo-hanoo.”
  8. Distribution of Premiums.