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The Prayer of Solomon at the Consecration of the Temple.

By Mrs. R. Hyneman.

A gorgeous structure! rich with fretted gold
And radiant with gems. A white-robed choir,
Sackbut, and psaltery, and the tuneful harp
Waft their sweet melody unto high Heaven.
A mighty monarch bows his head in prayer.
What boon has he to ask of pitying Heaven?
Seeks he for riches, or for pomp and power,
Or asks he vengeance on unconquered foes?
Peace! peace! he breathes a lowly prayer to Heaven,
Even for others’ sins as for his own,

Asking forgiveness.

“Father! when man, forgetting thy just decree,
   Shall wrong his brother, and by fraud or wile
Pervert the holy faith that leads to Thee,
   And turn his heart to sinfulness and guile.
Yet when they both are brought before-thy face,
   And purer feelings in each bosom strive,
Hear Thou and judge in heaven thy dwelling-place,
   And when Thou hearest, have mercy and forgive.

<<488>>“When thy frail children, for their many sins, 
   Shall smart beneath the oppressor’s iron rod,
And when the tortured conscience first begins
   To awaken to the anger of their God:
Then when they come to Thee, that erring race,
   And pray that Thou the heavy load remove,
Hear Thou in heaven thy holy dwelling-place,
   And when Thou hearest forgive, oh! God of love!

“And when the heavens are shut, and the parched land
   Must bear the burden of their sinful way,
And Thou shalt teach them with thy mighty hand,
   And bend their stubborn hearts to own thy sway,—
And they repent, and turn towards this place,
   Let not thine ears be deaf unto their voice;
But hear Thou from thy heavenly throne of grace,
   Hear, and forgive the children of thy choice.

“And when the stranger, for thy great name’s sake,
   Turneth toward this house, oh! mighty King,
Whatever supplication he may make,
   Whatever sin or sorrow he may bring
Yet when he bendeth here to ask thy grace,
   And prayeth Israel’s God to heal his grief,
Hear Thou in Heaven, thy holy dwelling-place,
   And when Thou hearest, forgive and grant relief.

“If any sin, (and what man sinneth not?)
   And Thou art wroth and angered with their shame,
And the sad captive’s lone and bitter lot
   Be theirs, until they call upon thy name;
Yet when they turn repentant toward this place,
   And pray to Thee in supplicating tone,
Hear Thou in heaven thy holy throne of grace,
   Forgive, and have compassion on thine own.”

No gorgeous temple, rich with fretted gold
   And bright with flashing gems, now meets our eye;
No holy prophet king, like him of old,
   Now offers up our sacrifice on high;
<<489>>Yet when we come with prayer to seek thy face,
   Each with sin’s burning plague-spot in his breast,
Hear Thou, oh God! in heaven thy dwelling-place,
   And when Thou hearest, forgive, and grant us rest.