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Ornamental Penmanship—Hebrew and English


We have been favoured by Mr. Bernal, the Hebrew teacher of the K. K. Mikve Yisrael, with a view of a specimen of Ornamental Penmanship, in Hebrew and English executed by him, which, for elegance of design and chasteness of execution, we have never seen surpassed. It is the שמע ישראל or, “Hear, oh Israel.” In the centre is the ineffable name of the Creator above the Mercy-seat, on each side are Cherubim, the whole enveloped in clouds and rays of light. It is, we believe, about 36 inches by 25. By the notice in our advertising sheet, it will be perceived that he intends having it neatly lithographed on fine paper. We recommend it strongly to the favourable consideration of our readers, assuring them that a copy neatly framed and glazed will form an elegant and suitable ornament in the parlour or drawing-room.