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Ladies’ Benevolent Society, New York


The annual general meeting of the above Society was held in the chambers of the New Synagogue, Wooster Street; the popularity of the Institution secured a large attendance of ladies; the report (which elicited general applause) demonstrated that the Society had discharged its duties throughout the last year on the most liberal principles, having visited the sick, and relieved those whose last moments required a helping hand. After the report had been accepted, it was unanimously resolved, that in order to make the Institution still more useful, half of the present year’s income should be appropriated towards furnishing the indigent with fuel for the approaching winter. The following board of management was unanimously elected:—Mrs. John M. Davies, First Directress; Mrs. Zion Bernstein, Second Directress; Mrs. Moses Morrison, Treasurer. Committee:—Mrs. Carl King, Mrs. Abm. Levy, Mrs. S. Barnett, Mrs. P. I. Joachimssen, Mrs. J. L. Philips.

Resolved, That a vote of thanks be transmitted to the Rev. S. M. Isaacs, the Honorary Secretary, for his past services, re<<462>>questing him, as an especial favour, to continue his valuable aid in behalf of the Institution.

Resolved, That a vote of thanks be transmitted to Mrs. John M. Davies and Mrs. M. Morrison for their valuable services during the last four years.

Several new members were admitted, and the meeting adjourned, highly delighted with the good they were enabled to accomplish.