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The N. Y. Hebrew Benevolent Society*

* We really owe an apology to the worthy gentleman who has sent us the present report, for not sooner inserting it; but the press of matter on our table for several months past absolutely precluded its appearance. The same excuse we trust will satisfy our other correspondents, whom we beg to continue their favours.—Ed. Oc.

New York, May 7th, 5607.

The annual election of this Society took place on Sunday, the 18th ult., when the following officers and directors were elected: M. M. Noah, Esq., President; David Samson, Esq., Vice-President; John Long, Esq., Treasurer; and Messrs. Z. Bernstein, Jacob Mack, M.A. King, Directors.

Previous to going into an election, the venerable President read the following report of the finances of the Society:

May 23d, 1846, balance in the Treasurer's hands $223.32
Moneys received during the year 2113.43
Moneys expended during the year 2250.43
Balance in the Treasurer's hands 85.76
This Society has also the following property:  
Bond and mortgage on city property 3000.00
N.Y. State stock for $500, cost 495.00
" Erie Canal for $500, cost 495.00
Five lots of land, original cost 450.00
Crockery, hardware, and glassware 300.00
Moneys due this Society 2000.00
Total amount of assets $6815.76

The President and Directors feel great pleasure to inform the members of this Society that, through the liberality of the patrons and subscribers, they have again been enabled to invest $500 in the permanent fund, which is intended for the building of a hospital as soon as the circumstances of this Society will admit of it. Besides the assets just enumerated, the Directors daily expect $500 more to come into the treasury, being net proceeds of balls given in aid of the funds of this Society.*

* After the election, votes of thanks were offered to Lewis Mawson, Esq., late Vice-President, and Messrs. L. Garrits, Simeon Dreyfoos, and Mark Levy, late Directors, for their arduous exertions used in behalf of this Society during their terms of office.

On the 25th ult., owing to the resignation of Samuel Cohen, Esq., and the election of David Samson, Esq., as President, Messrs. Robert Lyon and Henry J. Hart were also elected Directors of this Society.

From the above report, it will be seen that this Society is prospering beyond the most sanguine expectations of its warmest friends. Taking into consideration the many difficulties it had to encounter, and the very pious attempt of a clique of our soi-disant orthodox Jews to break down this laudable institution, it certainly proves that extraordinary exertions must have been used to bring it to its present standing.