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Letter From Rev. Mr. Leo

New York, July 6th, 5607.

Reverend Sir:

You will please insert the following letter, received from the Reverend Doctor, “Chief Rabbi of the United Congregations of the British Empire,” in the first new number of “The Occident;” which I trust will have the effect of preventing in future any innovation on our established religious ceremonies by professedly orthodox congregations.


Office of Chief Rabbi, London, May 31st, 5607.

Dear Sir,—

I have to acknowledge the due receipt of your letter of the 29th ult., and in reply I beg leave to state, that in general I shall always prefer communications relative to congregational matters to emanate from the wardens; but as your question requires immediate attention, I will in this particular instance make an exception, and inform you in reply, that it is by no means “correct to permit ladies to assist with their vocal powers at the consecration of a Synagogue.”

I was much pleased to hear of your success, and trust it till encourage you to the further zealous and religious discharge of you sacred functions, and that your ministry will prove beneficial to your congregation.

I am, dear sir, yours faithfully,
[Signed] N. Adler, Dr.,
Chief Rabbi

Rev. Ansel Leo, Minister
New York

The Rev. Doctor Lilienthal, Chief Rabbi here, as well as all the learned men I have consulted upon this subject, express the same opinion.

I am, reverend sir,
Yours respectfully,
Ansel Leo.

To the Rev. Isaac Leeser, &c. &c. &c.