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Elm Street Synagogue


At an election for חזן of this congregation, held on Sunday, the 2d May, at 11 o'clock, A.M., the Rev. A. Leo was unanimously re-elected, at the same salary as heretofore. The reverend gentleman is daily increasing in popularity, and deservedly so, as he is strictly attentive to his duties, and embraces every opportunity to please his congregation. Above all, his placid and amiable disposition must gain him friends wherever he is.

On the same day, at 3 o'clock, P.M., an election was held for two Trustees, at the place of Messrs. Morris Lumly and L.M. Ritterband, resigned, when Messrs. David Samson and Z. Bernstein were unanimously elected.

A vote of thanks was offered to Messrs. M. Lumly and L.M. Ritterband, late Trustees, for the faithful and satisfactory manner in which they have discharged their duties while Trustees of this congregation; and your reporter is free to confess that no compliment was ever more justly bestowed. The obstacles and difficulties under which these gentlemen laboured when this congregation was re-organized under the new regime, was enough to stagger any person of ordinary nerve and intellect.

The Auditors at the same time brought in their semi-annual report, which showed a balance in the Treasurer's hands of $1211.52.