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Proposed Conference Of Jewish Theologians


Our readers will probably remember that at the Assembly of Rabbies, which was held last year at Frankfurt-on-the-Maine, Dr. Z. Frankel, of Dresden, the leader of the Orthodox party, protested against the proceedings of that Assembly, and with one or two others seceded from it, on the ground that the spirit which marked its discussions was not that of conservatism, but destructive of that positive historical Judaism which he declared to be his guiding principle.

Encouraged by several of his colleagues in the Rabbinical office, Dr. Frankel in May last issued a public Appeal, in which he proposes the holding of Conferences of Jewish Theologians, of men of learning, whose views are those of conservatism and progressive improvement. He expresses his hope that “such conferences will have a salutary influence on religious education and instruction, promote the consideration and discussion of Jewish interests, encourage Jewish learning in all its branches, increase general confidence, and demonstrate to our nation that its holy religious interests are represented in a spirit of moderation and progressive improvement, not with a view to startling and destructive reforms and an aim at notoriety, but with a desire to maintain the truth, and to act with an earnest zeal for religion, equally remote from bigotry and from levity.”

From a notice which lately appeared in the “Orient,”' it appears that the following have already signified their approval of Dr. F.’s plan, and their readiness to co-operate with him in its execution:

Rabbi S. L. Rapoport, of Prague Dr. A. Meisel, of Stettin
Dr. A. Wolff, of Copenhagen Mr. Rosenfeld, of Mannheim
Mr. Beer Adler, of Frankfurt-on-the-Maine Rabbi Lindemann, ditto
Mr. Aaron Fuld, ditto Rabbi G. Tiktin, of Breslau
Dr. M. Sachs, of Berlin Rabbi Kuttner, of Schwedt-on-the-Oder
Dr. Bodenheimer, of Crefeld Dr. H. Gratz, of Breslau
Rabbi H. Fassel, of Prossnitz Mr. R. Kirchheim, of Frankfurt-on-the-Maine
Dr. S. Meyer, of Hanover Mr. G. Pressburger, of Prague
Rabbi L. Low, of Gross-Kanischa Dr. D. Cassel, of Berlin
Rabbi S. Sachs, of Licktenstadt, Bohemia Dr. J. Frankel, of Markisch-Friedland
Rabbi Furst, of Heidelberg Dr. Jul, Furst, of Leipzig
Rabbi S. Deutsch, of Beuthen Dr. B. Beer, of Dresden
Rabbi David Deutsch, of Cohrau Dr. W. Landau, ditto
Dr. Duschack, of Aussee, Moravia M. Schwarzauer, ditto
Dr. I. Kampf, of Prague Dr. Levy, of Rosenberg

The members who propose attending the Conference have been invited to meet at Dresden, on October 21st. It is not proposed to make these Conferences exclusively meetings of Rabbies and preachers, but to include all who devote themselves to Jewish learning.—Jewish Intelligence.