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The New Orleans Hebrew Benevolent Society.


The Secretary’s Report of the Hebrew Benevolent Association of New Orleans.

The Secretary of your benevolent association submits the following as the transactions of your Board of Officers.

They have given relief to 34 individuals, with $5 to each.
" 4 " 10 "
" 2 " 2.50 "
" 11 " 3 "

They have appropriated $35 for the purpose of sending a family to New York; they appropriated $35 for the relief of a very large and respectable family; $20 for the relief of a sick father of a family, and one of the founders of this Society; $20 for the relief of another large family; they have afforded relief to a widow and her children for two months with $20 a month; and they have also appropriated $89.50 for lunatic, $82 of which was paid to the Charity Hospital. Total, $482.50.

They have elected 17 new members; and three members have resigned. They have to deplore the loss of one of our members by death, Mr. Alfred E. Lewin, (peace to his soul.) Your Secretary cannot let pass this opportunity of paying a tribute of respect to the memory of one who was so worthy, so amiable, and so just.

Benjamin W. Cohen, Sec’ry.

New Orleans, March 8, 1846.