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Literary Notices.


A Hebrew and English And English and Hebrew Dictionary, with Roots and Abbreviations, by Abigail Abarbanel Lindo. London, 5606, 8vo., pp. 359.—We are indebted to the learned authoress herself (the work not being published) for a copy of this evidence of female industry and disinterested devotion to a difficult branch of study, that of lexicography. It is divided into three parts; the first contains an alphabetical list of the Hebrew nouns, verbs, and particles most frequently in use, with the English meaning opposite, and with a marginal exposition of their roots. The second contains the English words alphabetically arranged with the Hebrew in an opposite column, together with the reference to the passages in Scripture where the Hebrew words are found. The latter is an excellent arrangement, as it facilitates greatly to the beginner the finding of many required passages in the Bible. The third contains a large number of the most usual abbreviations employed by our writers, with the roots indicated by solid and the affixes by hollow letters. Our limits do not permit us to go into an extended examination of the merits of the work; which is, as the authoress informs us in her preface, designed to enable the student to consult the larger and celebrated works of Buxtorf, Parkhurst, Gesenius, and Fürst, and other eminent lexicographers. The authoress has dedicated her book to her great and good relative, Sir Moses Montefiore, in a neat and simple manner. Otherwise the work is well printed and on fine paper, only we regret to find several typographical errors, which the printers ought to have avoided. Upon the whole, however, we have in this new addition to our school books an earnest guarantee of the indomitable spirit of inquiry after truth and an unshaken ardour for our faith which animate so many of the females of our age, and of which our pages have given already so ample testimony.