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Hebrew and English School.


We are gratified to notice that Messrs. Jacobs and Aylward have opened a school for the instruction of pupils in Hebrew and English learning. Such a school has long been needed among the Hebrews of this city [Philadelphia]; we having been behind almost every other part of the United State, in attention to the interests of Hebrew education.

The course of instruction designed by Messrs. Jacobs and Aylward is of a very high character, and is calculated to impart that thorough classical knowledge of Hebrew, which is so much to be desired among us; and, at the same time, prepare the pupil for future usefulness to himself and others, by imparting the elements of a thorough English education. Their school has a central position, being located at No. 83 South Third Street, which makes it convenient for the greater portion of the. Hebrew population of Philadelphia. Another advantage, afforded by this school, when desired, not usually met with in schools, is the instruction of pupils in Hebrew and English, by means of the German language. The advantages afforded by this school, being unusually well adapted to the requirements of the Hebrews of this city, we hope that it will meet with that patronage which is due to an enterprise calculated so highly to further the interests of our people.

We would also remark, that the funds of the various Hebrew Benevolent Societies, appropriated for the education of poor Hebrew children, might, upon application of parents and guardians, be advantageously employed for that purpose in this school.