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No event that has occurred within our memory in our congregation has excited so universal a feeling of sympathy, as the death of Edward C., son of Abraham and Rebecca C. Hart, in the tenth year of his age, which occurred on Sabbath, the Eve of Pentecost last. The known high esteem placed upon the president of our congregation and his estimable wife, combined in this instance with the remarkable developments of a fine character, which promised brilliant results in after life, to send a thrill of unaffected regret into the hearts of many who had known the boy, observed him in the school and the house of God, or who had watched the childish glee with which he had mingled in the pastimes of his playmates, the more so as his death occurred after a severe illness of only about three days duration, and because no one, not even his anxious parents, thought of the danger which threatened their child. This new dispensation of Providence has called up again the loss they met with some years before in the death of their oldest son; but we doubt not that the Spirit of Consolation has been invoked by both long before this, and that whilst mourning for those who have gone to rest in the embrace of their Eternal Father, they will dwell with a surer stay upon the promises of Him who dries the mourners’ tears, and wounds only that the afflicted may draw closer the bond of union which unites the child of earth to the Creator of life.

The following proceedings are extracted from the minutes of the semi-annual meeting of the Board of the American Jewish Publication Society, held on the 7th of June, and adopted unanimously.

Resolved, That the Board of the American Jewish Publication Society have learned with profound regret the great loss which their president, A. Hart, Esq., has met with in the death of his only son, after a short and severe illness, and that they sincerely sympathize with him and his family in the severe dispensation with which it has pleased Divine Providence to afflict them, and that they trust that the Spirit of Consolation will be dispensed to them to alleviate their sorrow.

Resolved, That the Board do at once adjourn without the transaction of any business, till this day four weeks, the 5th of July.

Resolved, That the Secretary communicate to the President the above resolutions.

H. Cohen, Vice President.
A. T. Jones, Rec. Secretary.