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Elm Street Synagogue.

New York, June 15, 5606.

On Tuesday, the 2d inst., the Rev. Mr. Ansel Leo was unanimously elected חזן of the Elm Street Congregation, at a salary of $1000 per annum. The reverend gentleman had read six weeks on trial, including both days שבועות, during which time he gave the utmost satisfaction. He has a most beautiful voice, is a critically correct reader, and from the manner of his reading he evidently understands what he reads. On the first day of the festival he delivered a very excellent discourse, in which he elucidated the object of the feast, expatiating on the various institutions of our holy religion. He delighted his audience as much by his unassuming manner as by the pertness of his remarks. On the whole, the Elm Street Congregation have reason to feel rejoiced with the happy choice it has made. We understand Mr. Leo has engaged himself to organize a choir, and to lecture at least once a month. During the holidays he was assisted by his brother and a few boys, the effect of which was not only pleasing, but it gave us an idea of what it will be when a full choir shall once be trained. This indeed will be a great improvement in the service of our Synagogue, and will no doubt tend to more decorum and devotion than at present exists.

Previous to the election, a report was read of the income and expenditures of the synagogue, in which the income was estimated at $4,200, and expenditures about $3,200 per annum, leaving a surplus of about $1000 per annum, which will no doubt be increased to $2000, as many seats are yet left unoccupied. It is very gratifying to see such a favourable result, after the late troubles and tribulations, and it speaks volumes of the economy and good management of the present Board of Trustees. May they continue as they have begun, and God will prosper their way.