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Hebrew Benevolent Society, N. Y.


The Annual Election of thie Society took place on Sunday, the 24th ultimo. It resulted in the election of M. M. Noah, Esq., President; Lewis Mawson, Esq., Vice-President; John Levy, Esq., Treasurer; David Samson, M. Moritz, and Leopold Haas, Directors; the remaining six directors are, A. H. Lissack, Samuel Cohen, Lionel A. Myers, Leonard Garrits, Simeon Dreyfous, and Mark Levy.

The President read a report of the financial condition of the society, of which the following is a copy.

Cash in the Treasurer’ hands, $223.32
Debts due to the Society, 1,800.00
Bond and mortgage on a house and lot,  3,000.00
$500 N. Y. State Stock, $460.00
Crockery, knives and forks, for the anniversary dinners, 300.00
Five lots of land in 95th street, 450.00
Total amount of property, 6,233.32
The amount of charity distributed during the last year, was  $2,200.00