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Congregation Shaaray Tefilla

[For the Occident.]

A correspondent, on whom we can rely, informs us that the new Synagogue, in Wooster Street, New York, under the care of the Rev. Samuel M. Isaacs, is fast progressing, and will be completed by the beginning of May next.

The seats of the Synagogue will be sold, as we perceive by a circular issued from the Congregation, about the first day of March next, and the consecration will take place as early in May as possible.

Application for tickets of admission are already eagerly inquired after, from our most respectable Christian and Jewish friends, both there and abroad, anxious to witness an occurrence that so rarefy takes place in our community; and no doubt every effort will be made to accommodate them; for we are assured that the trustees and committees are indefatigable in their exertions to make it an occasion to be long remembered by both Jew and Gentile.

The original estimate for the erection of the building was $25,000, which will fall short $5000, making the actual cost of erecting the Synagogue, $25,000,—but, when completed, it will be an ornament to the city.