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Philadelphia.—We omitted to mention in our last that the cup voted to Mr. Finzi by the Congregation was duly presented by the President and Board of Adjunta, during the month of December. The Board, with the exception of one member absent, repaired to the house of Mr. F., where the President, Mr. Hart, presented the cup, accom­panying the presentation with suitable remarks, to which Mr. F. replied. The cup itself is of beautiful workmanship, tulip-shaped, and neatly ornamented; the following inscription speaks for itself: “Presented to A. Finzi, Esq., by the Congregation מקוה ישראל of Philadelphia.”

The Fifth Anniversary Hebrew Ball took place on the 6th of January, at the hall of the Musical Fund Society, agreeably to previous announcement, under the direction of the following Board of Managers: Solomon Solis, President; Marcus Cauffman, Treasurer; Alfred T. Jones, Secretary; Dr. Philip De Young, Theodore Pincus, Moses Nathans, Lazarus Mayer, Simon Schloss, David H. Solis, and Moses Hyneman, Floor-Manager. We were present for a short time, by the polite invitation of the Board, and we express but the general sentiment of all present, that although the Ball was not quite as numerously attended as on some preceding occasions, every thing was so conducted that it elicited universal approbation. Every thing was in its proper place, and the decorum of a family reunion was observed throughout.

The Managers, with the exception of the Treasurer and one other, acted this year for the first time in that capacity at our festivity, and still they left nothing undone which could add to the pleasure of the evening. Where all did so well, it would be invidious to particularize; but it is no more than justice to award acknowledgment (we do it almost by the direction of some of the Managers) to Mr. Jones, for his unwearied perseverance, displayed from the first preparatory meeting to the winding up of the accounts. The surplus funds were four hundred and twenty-six dollars, and twenty-six cents, which were equally divided among three of our charities, the Ladies’ Benevolent, the Ladies’ Sewing, and the Fuel Societies.

Albany. We learn from one of our correspondents at New York, that Dr. Wise has been elected teacher and lecturer at Albany. This gentleman, personally unknown to us, is spoken of in the highest terms by our friend; and we hope that he may be permitted to employ his talents and position for the benefit of his charges.

Cincinnati. The Ladies’ Sewing Society held their first election on the 21st of December last, when Mrs. E. Mayer was chosen Directress, Miss Hetty Mayer, Secretary, and Mrs. A. Moss, Treasurer. This Society, although yet in its infancy, has already done much real good; many families have been clothed from the articles manufactured by the lady members; acting auxiliary to, and in co-operation with the Ladies’ Hebrew Benevolent Society, it will prove one of the most valuable Jewish institutions of the west.

We learn that the Rev. J. K. Gutheim has been re-elected as lecturer to the Kahal Kodesh Beni Yisrael.

Ohio. Liberty Of Conscience Triumphant. We some time since stated that the local Court of the City of Cincinnati had decided that the ordinance enforcing a compulsory resting on the Sunday was inoperative as regards the Jews. We now learn from the public papers that the Supreme Court of the State in bane, sitting at the capital, Columbus, have also decided in the same way, declaring “the ordinance of the Cincinnati council prohibiting trading, bartering, and selling on Sunday void, as to those who conscientiously observe the seventh day of the week as the Sabbath.” We do not doubt that a similar decision would be given in Pennsylvania and Virginia, if a case of the kind would be carried up to the highest tribunal, not to mention the Supreme Court of the United States; for if any thing is certain in legislation, it is the emphatic prohibition, by the fundamental law of the land, to enact any regulation with respect to religion. Hence we have always regarded any such enactments as gross violations of the constitution of the country; religion being  the business of every individual, and no affair of the commonwealth, with which legislators have to busy themselves. Moral regulations alone belong to the state; and in enforcing them lies the conservative power of the judiciary department;—conscientious matters are however between man and his God. Persuasion here is the instrument, not fine and imprisonment; the church or synagogue should work here, not the court-house or the jail. But it is difficult to convince some zealots; they, however, injure their cause more than they benefit themselves in the first instance. More anon when we have an opportunity.

Baltimore.—The Congregation of Baltimore desire to engage a Chazan by the first of April. (See advertisement.) We also learn that the Rev. Mr. Rice preached in English of Sabbath Hanuckah, and that he means to continue employing the vernacular once a month; the other Sabbaths he preaches as usual in German.

Sydney, New South Wales.—The Israelites of this distant place, have formed a Jewish Library, as has been communicated to us in a letter of the Hon. Secretary, Mr. H. I. Hart, bearing date May 25th, ult., by order of the Chairman, Mr. George Moss, and Committee. They desire to obtain “the law-books, reports, pamphlets, sermons, addresses, &c., connected with the American synagogues and charity. schools, &c.,” for which they are willing to make compensation. We, therefore, request all our readers to forward to us, by any opportunity which may offer, all publications of the kind indicated, in order that we may expedite them to their proper destination. It is gratifying to witness this praiseworthy effort in the far-off East, to establish so use­ful an institution as a Jewish Library; we wish it a long and prospe­rous duration.

Montreal.—The Rev. Abr. De Sola, elected Minister for this congregation, arrived in New York at the close of December, and after remaining there about ten days as the guest of the Rev. M. Lyons, he departed for Montreal in the second week of January, and has no doubt ere this reached his place of destination. We bid him welcome.

Montego Bay, Jamaica. We are informed, upon, we believe, good authority, that the Rev. A. P. Mendes, lately elected Assistant Minister at Kingston, has been chosen for the office of Minister at Montego Bay, vice Mr. Rabbi Carillon, resigned.