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News Items.


Philadelphia. During the late illness of the minister of the congregation Mickve Israel, which commenced on the eve of the Sabbath before Rosh Hashana, Mr. Abraham Finzi, who had lately arrived among us from Barbadoes, where he had officiated alternately with other gentlemen since the death of the late Hazan Belasco, kindly consented, although unexpectedly called upon, to read for the congregation, which he continued to do during the entire holiday season, till Sabbath Hayé Sarah, to the entire satisfaction of all. In order to express the sense of the people upon Mr. Finzi’s services, a special meeting of the congregation was convened on the 15th of November, when the following proceedings took place, which speak for themselves:

At a special meeting of the congregation Kaal Kodesh Mickve Israel, held this day (November 15th) it was unanimously resolved—

That the thanks of this meeting be tendered to A. Finzi, Esq., for the kind manner in which he offered and performed the services for this congregation during the illness of their respected Reader, the Rev. Isaac Leeser, and that the board of adjunta are hereby directed to procure and present to him a silver goblet, with a suitable inscription, as testimonial of their appreciation of his services and personal respect, and that a copy of this resolution be sent to him by the secretary.

At the same meeting, proper resolutions were adopted to testify the appreciation of the services of Mr. A. I. H. Bernal, who read the Sepher, made the offerings, and otherwise participated in the services; besides attending at funerals, and other out-door duties required during the above period. We need not say that it affords us the greatest gratification to give publicity to these proceedings, so highly honourable both to those whom they concern and those who originated them; and we only can add our own wishes that many blessings may attend them during the whole course of their life, and to assure them publicly that we will gladly be of service to them whenever it be in our power to return their kindness.

Columbia, S. C. As we announced in our last, the Israelites of Columbia have organized themselves into a congregation, and elected the following officers: Jacob Levin, President; Emanuel Sampson, Vice President; John Barnet, Secretary; and Levy Elias, Treasurer; and Jacob Levin, Lipman J. Levin, and Lewis Simmons, Trustees. The number of members is but small; but we trust that with perseverance and a pious course of proceedings, they may soon be enabled to go on prosperously, and that the work of the Lord in their hands may produce abundant fruit of holiness.—Any donations entrusted to us for the promotion of religion in Augusta and Columbia will be duly transmitted; and we hope that those who have ample means will remember the new congregations just now established, and aid them as they have done others than are now able to aid others.

Cincinnati. An error in the date of our correspondent’s letter caused us to say in our last that the foundation of the new Synagogue was laid on the 7th of October. It was done on the 14th, the day after the feast of Tabernacles. We have received a copy of the address delivered by the Rev. Mr. Gutheim, alluded to in our last; it is printed in English and German; but we regret that, having received it just before writing this, we have not yet had time to give it a careful reading.

Remnant Of Ancient Barbarism. In Hanover no debt can be collected being due by a Christian to a Jew, should the latter have transferred the obligation to another Christian. Several decisions have lately been given, where bona fide transfers had taken place, in ignorance of this relic of a legislation, which was forgotten almost till exhumed by some learned lawyer. The judges were, of course, compelled to decide accordingly, as the law had never been repealed.

The Meeting of Jewish Theologians has been postponed till the spring, on account of the advanced season.