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The Priesthood

by A Christian Lady.

And the Lord spake unto Aaron, Thou shalt have no inheritance in their land, neither shalt thou have any part among them: I am thy part, and thine inheritance, among the children of Israel.—Numbers 18:20.

No waving cornfield, olive grove, nor vine-clad hill is thine,
Nor heritage of pasture-ground, where num'rous flocks recline;
No valley where the myrtle blooms, and sheds sweet odours round,
Nor mountain height with lofty fir and cypress darkly bound.

Though all outspread before thy view and pleasant to the eye
"A land whose hills and valleys drink their water from the sky".—
(While Egypt's seedsmen yearly wait upon the lordly Nile
The "cold flowing waters of the rock" enrich the Hebrew's soil.)

Though fairer land does not repose beneath an eastern sky,
Or more luxuriant foliage wave its graceful arms on high
Yet thou must learn to look on* these with stern averted heart,
For thou in all this heritage can never have a part.

And yet thou art God's chosen one, the blest of Israel's sons;
Along the line of Levi's tribe the priestly honour runs.
Oh! Who would ask for fruits, and fields, and pleasant dwelling bowers,
That could a servant daily wait at Zion's holy towers?

The Lord is thine inheritance, the King! the King of kings!
And all the glory and the wealth, such high communion brings.
When hill and valley, flock, and field, and earth itself decay,
Still thine inheritance shall shine with undiminished ray.

How sink the riches of this world, its glories fade away
Beneath the faintest glimmering of Heaven's eternal day!
Oh, God, I ask no gold-bought joys, nor gift of earthly fame;
But grant in Thee my heritage and portion I may claim.