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At the last yearly meeting of the Society חסד ואמת held on Sunday, the 13th of October, the following gentlemen were elected officers for the ensuing year:

D. A. Phillips, President; J. D. Jackson, Vice President; E. Pyke, Secretary; and Jacob Hunt, E. S. Linsé, J. Davidson, and G. I. Myers, Kaubronim. Dr. Samuel MacLellan was also elected Physician.

At the last annual meeting of the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, Nidche Israel, the following gentlemen were elected officers to serve during the current year:

Leon Dyer, President; Philip Adler, Treasurer; and A. Bacharach, S. Rosenfeld and M. Fleischman, Trustees.

At the last annual meeting of the Congrengation Shanari Chassed of New Orleans, held on the 13th of October, the following gentlemen were elected officers for the current year:

Benjamin Florance, President; L. A. Gunst, Vice President; M. Kursheedt, Treasurer; J. L. Levy, A. Haber and Joseph Newton, Trustees, and Isaac Hart, Secretary.

Rev. Louis A. Green, whom we announced in our last, as having been elected Teacher of the Beth Limmud Society of Kingston, Jamaica, has resigned the above office, having been elected minister of the new congregation about being established at Montego Bay, on the North side of that Island.

Mr. Henry Goldsmith has been re-elected Teacher of the Talmud Torah School of New York, and we will add that, from all we learn, he has given general satisfaction to his constituents.

All elections officially communicated will be inserted with pleasure in our work; but we cannot publish any from hearsay. This much courtesy is due us. If therefore any elections are omitted which some might expect to see in print, the cause will be looked for in the want of official notice.

* * Literary Notices, especially those of Miss Aguilar’s last works, and other matters omitted this month shall be attended to in our next.