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It is with unfeigned sorrow that we have to announce the demise of Mr. Issachar, but lately appointed assistant minister to the English and German Congregation at Kingston. We had hoped that he would have been eminently useful in that bright gem of the sea, whither he had been called to labour. But it was otherwise ordained, and he has been gathered unto his fathers, full of a good name and worthy in deeds, though yet young in years. The subjoined notice, from the Jamaica Despatch of Feb. 22, contains all the particulars of the melancholy bereavement which have reached us. We sincerely condole with the parents for the loss of such a son.

"It is our melancholy office to announce another victim to that unrelenting scourge of the West Indies, the yellow fever. The grave has just closed over the mortal remains of the late Reverend Isaachar Isaachar, assistant minister to the congregation of English and German Jews in this island.

"The reverend gentleman, who arrived here on the 16th December last, departed this life on Tuesday, the 20th February, at 12 o'clock in the night, his sojourn among us extending to little beyond nine weeks, yet, in that brief period he had the uncommon felicity to win golden opinions from all who had become acquainted with him. He had just attained his 23rd year, when taken from this to a better life, but though few in year, he was old in wisdom—in that wisdom especially, which is the best preparative for a happy hereafter. The deceased was from infancy trained in pious and religious principles, by which his character and disposition had been formed, such as ought to be that of all who take upon themselves the office to instruct their fellow-men in the highest of their duties.

"He was the son of pious, but not wealthy parents, residing at Portsea, England, and it may be more easily imagined than described what will be their feelings on learning that the prop of their declining years—the object of a parent's justifiable pride, has been taken from them by a decree to which their piety will teach them humbly to submit, and enable them, though with streaming eyes, to exclaim, 'The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the name of the Lord.'

"The congregation that had hoped to be benefited by the example and instruction of one who was so capable for both, feel acutely their deprivation, and it may belong ere they procure another uniting such rare and requisite qualities as the departed possessed for a religious teacher.

"The funeral, which took place yesterday, was numerously attended by the members of both congregations of Jews, as well as by many other respectable individuals of this city, whose countenances evinced the heart rending sorrow with which the sad event had impressed them.

"The Reverend Pastor of the sister congregation was unremitting in his attention to him from the commencement of his illness, and performed the last solemn duties of his office."