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News Items.

The Rev. S. E. Cohen Noot was lately re-elected Hazan of the Congregation Beth Israel of Philadelphia, for three years.

St. Thomas.—A letter from our correspondent says: "I am happy to say that our congregation is going on as well as I could wish; we are all at peace. Mr. Carillon is doing wonders with his Hebrew School, which counts sixty-eight scholars,—the Sunday School eighty-nine. Our infant school is established and promises well: thirty-two pupils are already in it.

Jews in Hungary.—The latest accounts from Europe bring the gratifying intelligence that in one country at least there is a marked progress of liberality and justice, and this is precisely constitutional Hungary. The news is brief but quite satisfactory, and states: "The General Diet of Hungary has adopted by a majority of 41 votes against 8, a motion for the emancipation of the Jews." We trust to receive before long the particulars through the European Jewish publications, when we shall lay the most interesting portions before our readers.