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Lines to the memory of FANNY, the beloved wife of Theodore Hart, Esq., of Montreal, Canada, who died the 28th February, 1844, at the early age of 23 years.

If e'er departed worth did claim a tear,
Reader, who E'er thou art, bestow it here,
For not to relatives is grief confined,
All must lament the friend of human kind.
If modest frankness, if unsullied truth,
In childhood planted, and matured in youth,­—
If tender charity, adorning age,
Deserve a record on mem'ry's page,
If rigid chastity,—devoted love,
Or calm submission to the God above,
Were faithful tokens of a heart sincere,
Then oft will her image extort a tear.
Rest then, blest shade! accept the plaintive lay
Which affection and friendship love to pay,
For those who knew thee exult in conscious pride
That thou hadst liv'd respected;—and regretted died.

A. W. H.

Liverpool, Eng. April 8th, 1844.

Died at New York on Thursday, Nissan 8th, 5604, (March 28th,) Mr. Eleazar S. Lazarus, in the 57th year of his age.

In the death of this excellent man, who filled for several years the first and second offices in the management of the Portuguese congregation of New York, our community has been deprived of one who knew the God of his fathers, and who was willing to be a faithful servant. He descended honoured to the tomb; and his townsmen of all persuasions hastened to testify the esteem they felt for him by attending his mortal remains to their final resting place. May his children be animated by the example of their father, and be themselves faithful and true to the end.I. L.

When the spirit early seeketh its Maker even death cannot appeal; thus was it with Abraham C. Peixotto, Jun., of Kingston, Jamaica, who departed this life on the 26th of April, in the 23rd year of his age. In him piety seemed an instinct of nature, so early and so pervadingly did it embue his character. Religion! the connecting link between man and his God, must ever be developed by acts of unselfishness and integrity. Such marked his brief but valuable career. His filial duties were performed with a devotion only evinced by those who believe that to "honour their parents" is also to honour their God. His fraternal affection and kindness make the heart to weep in loneliness that they are withdrawn; but, mourner, cease thy tears, remember thy son, thy brother was of the pure in spirit, the Israelite, to whom the earth was but the portal that leads to heaven. L. B. H.