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Charitable Society in New Orleans.


We take pleasure to announce as a farther evidence of the spread of a better state of religion in New Orleans, the formation of a charitable society for the purpose of relieving the distresses of needy Israelites, under the title of the "Hebrew Benevolent Association." Wherever charity takes the lead there must be the spirit of religion; and when we see that those who were most active in uniting the people to form a regular congregation are at the head of this new institution, we have every reason to hope that mere giving is not the sole object which prompts the members, but that they are impelled also by a love for the ordinances of the law as received and practised by Israel.

The first election for officers took place on the 17th of March last, when the following, persons were chosen: G. Kursheedt, President; Mr. Hensheim, J. L. Levy, I. Hart, Mr. Hirsh, Managers; L. Levy, Treasurer; and J. Ezekial, Secretary.