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We are deeply pained to be compelled to announce that another of those who went to Jamaica, to devote themselves to the ministry in Israel, has fallen a victim to that scourge of the island, the yellow fever. We allude to the late Louis A. Green, who left Philadelphia in the beginning of last May, to take part in the labour of teaching and expounding the law in Jamaica. He was well received; and as we have informed our readers, was successively engaged as teacher of the Beth Limmud Society at Kingston, and Hazan of the new congregation lately organized at Montego Bay. He was just on the eve of repairing to this new field of labour, when he was seized with fever on the 6th of November, and on Sunday the 10th he was numbered with the dead. His funeral took place the following day, attended by the ministers of both congregations in Kingston, and his remains received all the honours usually bestowed there upon the ministers of religion. Mr. Green was, we believe, no more than twenty years old, and would, no doubt, had he been spared, have become both useful and eminent in the sacred calling for which there are so many labourers required, and so few properly fitted. He arrived in America from England about five years ago, nearly four of which he passed in Philadelphia; and in that time he struggled hard, even against the “res angusta domi,” to make progress in the sciences and the learned languages, in order to fit himself for the station he once hoped to occupy. When the late Mr. Issachar fell a victim so soon after his arrival, Mr. Green was not deterred from repairing to the post of danger, perhaps thinking that the extreme regularity of his habits would, under Providence, be a safeguard against the climate.—But he has fallen on the field where he had chosen his portion! May his freed spirit be received on high, and meet with that reward, as though he had laboured till the close of the day, instead of quitting the earth in the morning of his years!