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News Items.


The Appeal from the decision of Judge Wardlaw, (Occ. vol. ii., issue #3,) to the Court of Appeals of the State of South Carolina, is expected to be heard at the next session of the court, which will sit for the hearing of causes in the second week of this month (January). Some of our friends are confident of a reversal of the finding of the inferior court; but time will show whether justly so or not.

Mobile.—The progress of the Israelites here is onward, and they hope soon to be able to make a favourable report of their condition.

The Israelites of Baltimore are progressing rapidly, as we learn, with the erection of a Synagogue in the place of the old building wherein they hitherto worshipped. We congratulate them on the prospect of having a proper house of prayer, and trust that they will progress in future as rapidly in prosperity as they have done hitherto. This state of things is doubly gratifying, from the fact that about two years ago, some German immigrants commenced a miniature temple with an organ, &c., which some European papers have dignified with the appellation of the Baltimore congregation, and represented them as having sent to Hamburgh for temple prayer books, &c.

The Congregation at Spanishtown, Jamaica, had by last accounts Mr. Carillon of St. Thomas for their minister; but we hardly think that he will be able to carry out his singular reforms, of which some of our correspondents have written to us.

The Election of Rabbi at London had been postponed originally from the 13th of October, to the 1st of December; but we have not yet heard of the election as having taken place, although the packet of the 4th ult., has arrived. We believe the struggle is between the friends of Dr. Adler and Dr. Hirschfeld; but this we learn from rather a suspicious source, though one likely to be well informed.
P.S. We just learn that a letter has been received in Philadelphia, stating that Dr. Adler has been elected on the 1st of December.

The Mendelssonian Society of New York.—We hear it reported that a society or congregation having in view a reform à la mode de Hamburg, has been established, and that a Mr. Merzbach, a German, is to be the the preacher. Whether the members are numerous or not we cannot tell, but they must be for the most part persons but lately arrived in this country, who have brought with them the spirit of “young Germany,” alias “experiment in religion and politics.” We cannot say that we wish them success if they mean to go upon the destructive plan; but if they are really in earnest to reform the mode of public worship, to promote decorum within their Synagogue and a strict conformity to religion without, they have our hearty wishes for their good endeavours, and we will gladly co-operate with them in whatever manner our services can be rendered available.