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At the annual election held at St. Louis on the 17th of September, 1844, the following gentlemen were elected officers for the current year: Joseph Newmark, President; Solomon J. Levy, Secretary; Joseph Kohn, Treasurer; and Nathan Abeles, Moss Morriss, and Mark Samuels, Managers.

At a general meeting of the members of the “United Hebrew Beneficent Society of Philadelphia,” held on the 9th day of Tishri, 5605, corresponding with the 22d of September, 1844, the following gentlemen were elected to serve the present year: A. L. Hart, President; J. A. Phillips, Vice President; Joseph L. Moss, Treasurer; Z. A. Davis, Secretary; Managers, Jacob Phillips, A. Hart, J. Jacobs, Samuel Hart, S. Elfelt, H. Cohen, H. M. Phillips, and Isaac J. Phillips; E. S. Linze, Messenger.

New York, Dec. 8th, 5605.

At a special meeting of the “Society for the Education of Poor Children and Relief of Indigent Persons of the Jewish Persuasion,” for the election of officers for the ensuing year, held in the trustee room of the Crosby Street synagogue, N. Y., the following gentlemen were elected: Samuel N. Judah, President; Solomon J. Joseph, Vice President; T. I. Tobias, Treasurer; M. H. Cardozo, Secretary; Henry Hendricks, Louis J. Cohen, and Benjamin Nathan, Managers. The Society was organized in 1831, and has now a permanent fund of near ten thousand dollars, ($10,000.)

New York, Dec. 8th, 5605.

At the last meeting of the חברה גמילות חסד Hebrew Mutual Benefit Society, the following gentlemen were re-elected: James Solomons, President; Leon M. Ritterband, Vice President; Isador Bernhard, Treasurer; Jacob L. Bach, Julius Jacobus, A. S. Vanprage, Joseph Ashman, and Judah Post, Managers.