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At the annual meeting of the Hebrew Society for the Visitation of the Sick and Mutual Assistance, the following gentlemen were elected officers to serve during the current year:

H. M. Phillips, President; Abr. S. Wolf, Secretary; Marcus Cauffman, Treasurer, and M. A. Van Collem, David Pesoa, H. Polok and M. Friedenberg, Kaubronim.

At the last election for officers of the congregation at Easton Pa., the following gentlemen were elected to serve for the current year:

Isaac Atter, Temporal, Michael Lederer, Spiritual President; Jonathan Kohn, Secretary, and M. Neuberger, Moses Kahn and Julius Myers, Trustees. The Rev. William Kling has been engaged as Hazan. All the Israelites at Easton close their places of business on the holy Sabbath.