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Conversion Societies.


After the dissolution of the Pennsylvania Society for evangelizing the Jews, for want of a field of labour, we had hoped that the folly of organizing similar institutions would be given up, as a hopeless expenditure of funds, which might be more properly applied towards the conversion of Christians, or those nominally so called. But we have been somewhat disappointed, though nowise surprised, at finding by the two last numbers of the Jewish Chronicle, printed at New York, that there have lately been formed two auxiliary societies at Nantucket, and one each at New Bedford, Edgartown, and Bristol, R. I. To be sure there is a great prospect of converting all the Jews in these sea-shore and island towns, as none probably are residing there, consequently the result is not so likely to disappoint the projectors as it would be in Pennsylvania, with numerous Jews, without any perceptible result.

While on this point we would advise the conductors of the A. S. M. C. J. not to employ converted Jews as their agents to visit Jewish houses. Many of us are averse to holding any intercourse with them, and hence it is almost an insult to send these persons to houses which will be shut against them if their character is known. For one we publicly request that our domicile may be spared the future visits of the converted agents, gladly as we shall receive at all times all Christians by birth, and our friends the Editor and Secretary of the A. S. M. C. J. included. We give this public notice, because we wish once for all to be rid of any visit from the persons mentioned above.