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“I Never Loved a Flower.”

Stanzas written in a moment of extreme hilarity.

By Grace Aguilar.

I never lov’d a flow’r,
And cherish’d it with pride,
But it wither’d in its home of love,
And bow’d its head and died.

I never lov’d a star,
And dream’d it gave reply
To my spirit’s deep imaginings,
But it faded from on high.

I never lov’d a friend,
But parting’s fiat came,
And sympathies were sever’d, that
Ne’er seem’d again the same.

I never felt deep gladness,
But a silent shadow stole,
E’en ‘mid the laughing flow’rs that twin’d
A moment o’er my soul.

Then oh! Be still my spirit,
Hush thy full joyance now,
Bid hence the rays that light mine eye,
And sparkle on my brow!

Back to thy calmness come,
Break from the glitt’ring chain
So strangely o’er my full heart thrown,
Back to thy home again!

Deck not this earth so brightly,
Joy hath not here its rest;
His whisper hath too sweet a tone
For aught of mortal breast.

Oh come back to thy stillness,
And dwell there with thy God;
His blessed paths of quietness
Securely thou hast trod.

And tho’ no dazzling flow’rs
May there breathe tales of glee,
And mirth’s light laugh no echo finds:
In safety thou wilk be.

Our Father’s smile will lead thee,
His love will go before—
Return! Return, my spirit—Oh
Come to thy God once more.